Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Obama Tries To Hide Afghanistan SURGE With Stimulus Signing

In a Dick Cheney type move to sneak ugly shit through the news cycle with as little notice as possible, President Obama has announced a MAJOR TROOP INCREASE into Afghanistan, obviously hoping that the Stimulus News, and Wall Street Crashing would distract us from the fact that President OBama, like George W. Bush has decided to be a WAR WHORE.

It's a 1, 2, 3 What are we fighting for
Not much, just and Afghani WHORE

Its a 4, 5, 6 grab your guns not your dicks
We're going to go shoot us some Taliban Pricks

Now come on all you Yuppies through out the land
Pack your sons (and daughters) off to the desert sands

It ain't no time to wonder why
There are no jobs so join the Army to go off and die!

We need some of our musical talent to write some SERIOUS PROTEST SONGS, some songs that will wake up our young people. Trust me youth of America, your life should not be wasted fighting for Obama in Afghanistan or Iraq...JUST SAY NO! The Pentagon's signing bonus is nothing more than a BLOOD BRIBE...is your life really worth only $20,ooo dollars? Is driving around in a new car really worth DYING FOR? Go speak to a vet suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder who cannot get the help he deserves from the Veterans Administration if he/she would recommend enlisting into America's all volunteer military. Ask the tens of thousands of troops who have lost limbs in Iraq what their quality of life is like now.

That is right America, and no disrespect to our veterans and those who are serving, but I am encouraging EVERY AMERICAN NOT TO ENLIST IN OUR ARMED FORCES. Let Obama bring back the draft so some of the UBER RICH can see their children return home in flag draped coffins. Let the military build its ranks off the backs of the 12-25 Million Illegal Aliens that have stolen our jobs here in America...you want us to die for our country, but we do not deserve E Verify? We can die for America, but illegal aliens (who cannot serve in our military) deserve AMNESTY AND OUR JOBS...give me a break. Youth of AMERICA, LET SOMEONE ELSE DIE for a government that has betrayed you, and betrayed your families.

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