Monday, February 16, 2009

Should Murder of Illegal Alien Be Self Defense?

Sure that this article will offend many...I don't care. The question is straight forward, the thought process in answering is not. Should the murder of Illegal Aliens be legal under the guise of self defense in certain circumstances?

If someone breaks into my house, I have the right to take whatever steps are needed to protect myself...this includes if necessary deadly force. By an extended definition, America is the home of EVERY LEGAL AMERICAN. Further, there is little doubt that Illegal Aliens are on some level breaking into our collective home, stealing that which belongs to us...our jobs, our American Dream.

If our government were doing its job, asking this question would not be necessary. If certain Democrats were not trying to stop the building of the border fence, if Congress had included E Verify in the Stimulus Bill, if our laws as written were being enforced, this question would not be necessary.

Sadly, in the name of CHEAP WAGES and Corporate Profits, it is a necessary question for many Americans who are watching in horror as Illegal Aliens steal the bread off their tables. America is our home, and we are suffering an invasion that our Federal Government is REFUSING TO, should we as average citizens be allowed to take necessary steps to stop this crime against our persons, including the use of DEADLY FORCE? Ask many deaths of illegals would it take to send a CLEAR SIGNAL that their criminal behavior was no longer going to be tolerated, their presense in our communities no longer welcome, thier stealing of OUR JOBS a crime punishable by death? Cold hearted? Why? They are working, Americans are not...they depress our wages, steal our jobs, put us on unemployment that not worth fighting for? If our government will not take action to protect our interests, our jobs, our American Dreams, are we not duty bound to take action on our own behalf? If our government will not enact laws, and enforce laws that are in OUR BEST interests, do we not have a duty to protect our interests at ALL COSTS?

Being in America illegally is A CRIME. Using a FAKE ID to get employment, open a bank account, or to get a loan is illegal, is a crime. Working in this country as an illegal alien is a crime...we are talking REPEAT OFFENDERS. We as citizens have been powerless to stop this invasion, though we are the ones that pay the price for illegal immigration into America...why shouldn't we take action if our government will not? So again I ask you...should the murder of illegal aliens be legal if they have stolen your job, thus denying you the ability to FEED YOUR FAMILY? A radical question, but in these economic times as Americans suffer, as our children go hungry, it is a question that must be asked as our government seems intent on placing the dreams and aspirations of BIG BUSINESS and Illegal Aliens ahead of you and your abilit to feed your family, put food on your table.

Face it Washington...your failure to enforce our laws, your failure to SAVE E VERIFY is bringing to the fore a debate you do not want to see...Main Street has reached its limits, will not be pushed any or choose, Legal Americans and Immigrants, or ILLEGAL ALIENS...the choice is yours, but are you ready for the repercussions when you side with Big Business and Illegal Aliens in the name of a future voting bloc and the National Chamber of Commerce? The blood that will spill on the streets of America will be on your hands, as it is you, the people we put into office that have the ability and choice to DO THE RIGHT THING BY AMERICANS.

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