Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bristol Palin On Abstinance...IT DOES NOT WORK

Without actually saying it, Bristol Palin admitted that Abstinance does not work, did not work for her because she likes sex, she likes dick. When Gretta pushed her on the issue of contraception Bristol tried to avoid the question, and in the end would only say that Abstinance (which her mother preaches) was/is unrealistic. Abstinance is unrealistic because of the world we live in, because of the amount of sexual openness we see in the media and in stores, and because teenagers who have hormones racing through their bodies, and peer pressure to deal with are going to TAKE THE PLUNGE...the Moral Radical Right Wing of the Republican Party might not like it, but Abstinance as birth control DOES NOT WORK, WILL NOT WORK, and Bristol's bastard child is proof positive of this reality. Curious Bristol...would you have gotten pregnant if your Mom, Sarah Palin, had sat you down and talked about using protection, or perhaps have taken you to the doctor to put you on the pill? Be honest with America, show us you are not your mother...should your Mom have been more realistic and spoken to you about using protection, instead of giving you the Abstinance Speech?

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