Monday, February 16, 2009

Obama Wants to Reward CRIMINAL BANKERS With Our Taxes

In negotiations on the FLAWED stimulus package there was one moment of clarity where both members of the Senate and Congress did right by the American people and put serious limits on executive Obama's Ass Kissing Festival, seems that Obama wants to give company's the right to pay excessive bonuses and salaries with our taxes, wants to revisit the Stimulus Bill as written and negotiated...even worse, if Congress is unwilling to rewrite these pay restraints, Obama is prepared to "DO A BUSH", get his way through signing statements.

You see, BANK LOBBYIST are trying to play hardball, are telling President Barack Hussein Obama they will not take part in the bailout if they cannot give out bonuses, pay overly generous salaries to their miserable executives...WHO CARES...let the bastards go BELLY UP. Brain Drain...the supposed brains of Wall Street and the Banking Industry got us into this mess. Here is a suggestion...lets dump the supposed BRAIN TRUST, and bring some folks in with some COMMONSENSE.

Meanwhile, we have Suze Orman on Larry King asking us to ALL GET ON BOARD and support Obama and his Stimulus package...give us a break Suze. Curious here, where do you stand on Illegal Aliens working while Main Street Americans are out of work, are on unemployment. You are aware that Obama and Congress stipped E Verify out of the Stimulus Package, or do you just NOT CARE? Curious Suze, where do you stand on Obama wanting to restore some of the banking industries perks and bonuses. Where do you stand on seeing those of us in the middle class getting OUR BAILOUT...why should Wall Street, the banks, and those in foreclosure get bailed out while we get screwed in the name of saving our Economy? One last thing...on your bullshit line of want verse need...curious here Suze...are you DOING WITHOUT, and with your MILLIONS IN WEALTH, who are you to tell those of us barely getting by what it is that we NEED, verse what it is WE WANT. I need the crooks and government who FUCKED ME OVER to make me whole, but listening to you, I should simply shut my trap and get behind the bailout and stimulus for the good of the country. I'd BE FINE if the banking industry and Wall Street had not CRASHED both the Real Estate and Stock that they have ruined the American Economy, why as you suggest should I take it up the ass for the good of the nation?

I am tired of doing what is good for the country...I did what was good for the country when I did without, missed out on opportunity in the name of Affirmative Action. I did without, did the right thing in the FIRST TWO bailouts of Social Security. Again I and others did the supposedly right thing when we accepted depressed wages and lost jobs for Reagon's 1986 Amnesty...tell me long are many of us in the Middle Class supposed to keep getting on board the wagon in the name of what's best for the nation?

Why shouldn't some of us in the Middle Class say the hell with the nation, it is time to take care of ourselves. Why shouldn't we stop paying our mortgages walk away from our supposed responsibilities, stop paying our monthly bills and stash some cash for ourselves. Why shouldn't we take the steps necessary to see that Illegal Aliens are not stealing our jobs, and if the Bailout and Stimulus DO NOTHING FOR US PERSONALLY, why should we throw our support behind it? Maybe America needs to implode, maybe people like you need to stop making millions handing out your bullshit advice to us when you have NOTHING IN COMMON WITH US. Sure it is really EASY FOR YOU to tell us to tighten our purse strings, to live without while you live in the LAP OF LUXURY...tell us Suze, what are you DOING WITHOUT? Mu are lacking nothing, are not making ANY KIND OF SACRIFICE TO SAVE AMERICA.

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