Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Eric Holder, I Am No Coward...You Want To Talk Race, BRING IT ON

Black BIGOT Eric Holder should resign as Attorney General

First, for those wondering, yes I am outraged and insulted by Attorney General Eric Holder's words today...WHO THE FUCK does he think he is? His job is Attorney General of ALL THE PEOPLE, but to hear him speak today, he sounded like an ANGRY BLACK MAN with an AXE TO GRIND...OH, SO SORRY, is this White Boy being to FORWARD in my remarks? That said, I am NO COWARD, and am more than happy to give Eric Holder my own throughts on various topics, including race relations in America.

I am one American who is getting a bit tired of the Black Community acting as if Obama belongs ONLY TO THEM, and getting a bit upset that his election to the highest office in the land somehow has Black people acting as if they have now been given SPECIAL RIGHTS. I voted for vote was made as it always is...he was and is the LESSER OF TWO EVILS. That's politics...I did not vote for him as some kind of a mandate on race relations, do not believe politics should be about color. Sadly Mr. Holder, you seem to feel your high office gives you a platform to make politics about ARE WRONG. You want to play that dance card, go join La Raza or MALDEF and try to convince Republicans that being Anti Illegal Alien makes them prejudiced bigots. You are a law and order man, surely you know better than that?

I am a 53 year old white male raised in the Midwest. I can remember as a kid my own parents using the word nigger when speaking about people of color. I can remember the fear that gripped our communities when race riots were spilling out all over the place, and the fear in peoples voices when they spoke about the Black Panthers. Putting that into context, I can remember the beating I got when my parents found out my first girlfriend when I was in first grade was black. I remember Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and the Civil Rights Movement that lead to Affirmative Action. I am one of those WHITE MEN who has lost out on jobs, opportunities and had to suffer as a result of Affirmative Action, and at 53 I wonder how much longer we (White Folks) are supposed to Sacrifice in the name of Equal Rights. ENOUGH ALREADY! Why should a Black man or woman get a RACE BONUS when applying for a job...I would think over three decades later that the BONUS MENTALITY and SENSE OF ENTITLEMENT in the Black Community needs to end. I do not OWE YOU A DAMN THING, and you do not owe me a damn thing, and while we are on the subject, America DOES NOT OWE ILLEGAL ALIENS AMNESTY AND A PATHWAY TO CITIZENSHIP. Lets play the game of equal rights fairly and bring to an end a game that gives a black person a color bonus when they apply for a job, or try to get into a University. May the best man or woman win regardless of race, greed, religion or sexual orientation.

Seriously, Equal Rights seems to say that everyone gets a fair shake, that no group gets AN ADVANTAGE based on the color of their skin, or their sexual orientation. Can you explain to me then MR. Holder why it is that a Black Person should get an advantage in applying to a college simply because they are black? Where is the EQUAL in that? By the way, where is Equal Rights when Black People seem to have NO PROBLEMS being prejudiced against those in the Gay Community (Prop 8 in California)...or would you like to deny the FACT that Blacks seem to have serious problems where homosexuality is concerned? Are you Mr. Holder willing to admit that quite a few Black people are prejudice? Are you willing to admit that some in the Black Community (just like in any other community) do not even try to hide their DISLIKE OF WHITE PEOPLE, of Latin people, of Jewish people ? (Jeremiah Wright and Reverend Farrakhan) Why is that acceptable Mr. Holder? You want dialogue...then lets start by setting aside bullshit double standards that seem to be quite all right in the Black Communities if those Double Standards are in their favor.

If I don't like someone, it is because they are assholes, or because we hold completely different views on issues important to me, but it is never about the color of their skin. I can hate White people that have wronged me just as easily as I can hate people of other skin colors that have wronged me. I HATE illegal aliens...I do not care if they are Irish, Mexicans, Germans or Latins...if they are illegal, they are CRIMINAL SCUM, are instantly on my shit list. If a criminal is stealing my job, is lowering my wages, and by living 30-40 to a house are driving down the value of my home and running down my neighborhood, shouldn't I be allowed my hate...IT IS BASED ON GOOD REASONS AND BASED ON FACTS. I am NOT POLITICALLY CORRECT, and am never going to be. Illegal Aliens (as example) are stealing the food off the plates of AMERICAN CITIZENS...from my perspective Legal American Citizens and Legal Immigrants should all be entitled to hate Illegal Aliens...I already know that you Mr. Holder and President Obama disagree with me, are prepared to abide by the wishes of your handlers at places like the National Chamber of Commerce where CHEAP WAGES mean more profits...shrug...that belief on your part is all the reason I need to hate you and what you stand for, has nothing to do with the color of your skin, but everything to do with your political beliefs where Illegal Aleins are concerned. ( you believe as I do that Dick Cheney truly hates Obama, would HATE any Democratic President that followed George Bush into the White House.)

FACT...a lot of us DO NOT TALK ABOUT RACE for a very good reason. DOUBLE STANDARDS. We WHITE FOLKS are well aware that BLACK FOLKS think our use of the word nigger is wrong, and I do not disagree with them. I think the word should not be used by any of us (White, Brown or Black)...that said, why is it that Blacks seem to think it is fine if they use BUZZ WORDS when talking to each other about WHITE FOLK...IE, Cracker, Whitey, HONKIE just to name off three quick ones. Latino's think it is fine for them to derogatorily refer to us Whites as GRINGOS. If the Black Community does not want us to use the word nigger, how about they stop using derogatory identifiers for us WHITES! Secondly, tell me when enough is enough? Seriously, I had NOTHING TO DO with long am I supposed to pay some price or make some sacrifice to square the ledger with the Black Community...GET OVER IT ALREADY! I was sexually abused...I had to get over it, had to LIVE MY LIFE. Shouldn't the Black Community do the same? Being serious here Mr. Holder...when is enough enough for you? I heard your VEILED THREAT TODAY, heard you promise WHITEY THAT YOU WOULD HAVE A VERY ACTIVE CIVIL RIGHTS that division going to be VERY ACTIVE seeing to it THAT ALL CITIZENS GET EQUAL RIGHTS, or is it going to be busy only for those of color, or only for those that are black? I want to know, and perhaps the Senate should have asked you that question BEFORE you were made Attorney General...a Black Bigot is just as bad as a White Bigot is....wouldn't you agree?

Lets talk Eric comments section is OPEN, and I am officially giving you the floor here in this want to TALK, LET US TALK.


Anonymous said...

he sounded like an ANGRY BLACK MAN with an AXE TO GRIND

And you sound like an angry white man with a huge axe to grind. So what's your point?

Royce Penstinger said...

Anonymous...what if I am a man with an axe to grind...I am not the Attorney General. Secondly, Holder said he wants dialogue so I gave it to him in spades if you will.

You see, I am tired after 30 some years and all of my adult life being told by the Black Community that I OWE, I do not OWE them, and its time they start standing on their own, stop acting as if they are in some fashion ENTITLED to SPECIAL TREATMENT. If they think the slate for slavery has not been wiped clean, that's now their issue, as almost two full generations now have paid the price for something they had nothing to do with.

Further, segregation is a two way street, and I think what bothers Holder is the VOLUNTARY part of his beef. Believe it or not, a big part of Social Segregation has noting to do with racism from my perspective. People tend to spend time with their own kind...I do not spend a lot of time with born again Christians, and they do not spend a lot of time with me. There are social groups for almost any interest of ethnic background. German Clubs, Polish Clubs, Bridge me, if you are not a Bridge Player, you are not going to want to spend ANY TIME with Bridge players.

Holder might not like it, but you cannot force people to socialize with each other.

Larry19611961 said...

Forced integration is a failed experiment. I would like someone to explain the benefits diversity we get rammed down our throats everyday. Our school system is a disaster ! Many of our children are subjected to this Rap crap kill the whitey mentality and become ashamed of their own race. I worked in a middle school and took a peek at some of the kids essay's posted on the bulliten board about the civil war and slavery..They actually have 8 and 9 year old kids feeling guilty about slavery for Christ's sake. All the posters which promote reading depict an adolescent white female holding hands with a black male. Not a black girl with a white boy or two whites together God forbid..This would be politically incorrect. If this is not racism I don't know what is. And you think this trend is not perpetuated ? Take a look at the fliers in the newspapers..JC Penny,Sears, Etc..You will find the adolescent white female with the black male in nearly every issue. Look at the billboards when traveling the highway, the same trend applies. It must be the white guilt factor one sociologist explained. When does it all end ?

Anonymous said...

I'm a Black Male who happens to work in Civil Rights and would like to applaud you for your honestly. However, I'd also like to address a couple of your concerns:

Black Entitlement - I think you're absolutely correct in your views about the black community feeling as though someone owes them(us) something. We certainly need to clean up our own issues from the inside-out. From that perspective, nobody owes us anything.

Affirmative Action and Black Racists - You're a bit misinformed on this one. You see, their's really never been a situation in American history where blacks have intentionally denied ANY group an opportunity in ANY social area, i.e. Housing, Employment, Education. We've always welcomed without being discriminatory. Yes, we've used racist slang, but we've never witheld any civil liberties from anyone. We have more anger and hatred with each other than we do with whites or hispanics (check the stats). Yet, as you can see by checking the DOJ's press releases, blacks are still targets of discrimination in EVERY area. That's why Affirmative Action continues; white racism won't let it die.

Illegal Aliens - I think you're 100% correct.

You have to understand that their's a whole community of people who have no identity. I'm sure you have some idea of where your family comes from (Italy, Germany, Ireland, etc.) but our connection to a country begins and ends in America, with all of the racial history that comes with it; there's a self-esteem problem associated with this fact.

In a nutshell, you're right about some things. We in the black community should take more responsibility for our own issues. However, their are still racial problems that need to be addressed. Again, I do respect your honesty though.

Anonymous said...

You voted for Obama then YOU are to blame for this. Fuck you and everyone else that hides behind your "lesser of two evils" argument. Your vote was based on the fact that you are fucking ignorant of politics, history and the state of the world. Oh yeah...F YOU!

john said...

I quit reading your post when I got to the part where you say you voted for this shit bag as a lesser of two evils. You are getting what you deserve and I hope you rot.

gaohui said...

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