Sunday, February 22, 2009

Al Sharpton and The Black Community's Chimp Jihad Continues, NAACP Issues Career Death Sentence To Post Cartoonist

The whole Al Sharpton, "I'm Offended" Chimp Jihad continues as the NAACP steps in calling for the firing of Post Cartoonist and the Editor. Sorry, but with each passing day, this cartoon saga gets scarier by the moment...we are not the Middle East, Al Sharpton is not some Blind Cleric issuing FATWA'S to his disciples...or maybe he is?

I have no problems with Al Sharpton seeing whatever it is he wants to see in a cartoon, but it does not make it so, nor does he have the right to become Obama's censorship point man. Obama DOES NOT WRITE LAWS, in fact it would go against OUR CONSTITUTION...but why let a little thing like THE FACTS get in the way of a really good opportunity to GET IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA...right Mr. Sharpton? Why let FACTS get in the way of a chance to raise some more donations...right NAACP? They should not have, but the Post issued and apology...GET OVER IT ALREADY...this simply is not a Nappy Headed Whores moment in American History.

GOD FORBID any cartoonist actually does portray the FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT in a negative fashion...he/she might find themselves dragged through the streets, their editors being burned in effigy on Times Square.

Seriously Al Sharpton, Roland Martin and anyone else including the NAACP that is pushing this stupidity....GROW SOME SKIN.

NEW YORK (CNN) -- Leaders of the NAACP on Saturday called for the firing of the New York Post cartoonist whose drawing lampooning the federal stimulus bill has drawn charges that it's racist and encourages violence toward President Obama.

NAACP's Benjamin Todd Jealous says the organization will take issue "national" if Post cartoonist isn't fired." hspace=0 src="" width=292>

NAACP's Benjamin Todd Jealous says the organization will take issue "national" if Post cartoonist isn't fired.

Speaking at the civil rights group's annual meeting in New York, NAACP President Benjamin Todd Jealous said that if Sean Delonas is not fired, the group will call for protests of the paper and Fox television affiliates, which are owned by Post parent company News Corp.

"There is consensus that if the Post does not ... get rid of the journalists who are responsible for this bit of hate speech seeing the light of day, that we will move this from a local, regional issue to a very national issue," Jealous said.

The group also called for the cartoonist's editor to be fired.

Many critics said the cartoon played on historically racist images by appearing to compare Obama, the nation's first black president, to a chimpanzee that had been shot by police officers.

The cartoon references the mauling of a Connecticut woman by a chimpanzee who was later shot and killed by police.


Larry19611961 said...

I would be happy to pay Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson reparations in the form of a ticket back to their country of origin. (ONE WAY) Bon Voyage

Anonymous said...

Al Sharpton, Roland Martin, and this opportunist from the NAACP all sound like a bunch of screaming squirrels. A chimpanzee was gunned down last week for almost ripping a woman's face off and Pelosi is the joke behind the stimulus bill criticism. Their demands that the cartoonist from the NY Post be fired are ludicrous. Have they ever seen all of the "chimpanzee" references to former President Bush the last few years? One even made the cover of a magazine! No one was fired over that. They need to grow some thicker skin indeed. All they are doing is perpetuating more hatred.

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows the NAACP is made up of a bunch of lazy people. They give chimps a bad name.

Rich said...

So now Al Sharpton and the NAACP can dictate what is in bad taste or racist and what is not. Sound slike communism at its best. I guess we should check with Al and the NAACP first before we speak or act so that we do not offend anyone. Guess we also check with the Japanese, French, gays, those that are dying, the religious, etc. When will all of this "you offended me" stop? No matter what you do, you will always offend someone - its a fact; so get over it. If you don't like something, then go the other way. If you don't like the cartooninst, then don't read the paper - then you won't be offended by that person - but I'm sure someone else will offend you in some way. Guess we should all just stay in our homes - as long as you got too big of a home and your neighbors will now pay your mortgages.

scott said...

As long as the african community seeks NAACP, BET, ESPY Awards, and the many other organizations that cater to the african american cause, then segregation will continue. I have 3 beautiful children. I have taught them that there is no difference in color. We should never forget slavery, nor should we forget ww1,ww2, vietnam, korean war, the holocaust. Can we just let this past has history and get on with our lives. I voted for Obama, not because he is black, but because he gives us hope. Should we celebrate the first black president? Yes we should. As long as we listen to sharpten and jackson, we will always be separate. It is time we all realise that we are now just one. If there was a white entertainment telivision it would be racist and all hell would break loose. Lets let the past be past, never forget, never stop talking about it, but lets stop using it politically.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff, I used to be the type that had nothing but contempt for any form of racism and felt nothing but sorrow for Black folks. Now...I am so freaking tired of all the whining and crying and the overwhelming, steady flow of reverse racism that is practiced on a regular basis in this country. I have been waiting patiently for someone to stand up once and for all and give white folks back some pride. We are so busy apologizing to various minorities for things that we had no control over, we have lost our way in my opinion. It will never be enough for these crybabies, not now, not ever, there is no middle ground, there is no appreciation for the insane progress made in our society towards racism. When will it be enough?

Royce Penstinger said...

I think some good points are made in these comments...

For instance, we now have Hispanic TV, Black TV...sorry, this is America, the melting pot of the world, we should simply have TV (and in English). THe blacks wanting their own network...sure, I can see the reaction if we had a WPN (White Peoples Network), or ran commercials on TV stating a White Mind is a horrible thing to waste...isn't ANY WASTED MIND a crime?

Everyttime someone wants to push through something, they try to use THE RACE want proof of that, look at Illegal Aliens and their push for AMNESTY under the guise of Immigration is a CLue MAin Street AMericans...with 11 Million people OUT OF WORK, there are still 7 million illegal aliens working! We do not need Immigration Reform, we need DEPORTATIONS.

The time has come to STOP FEELING GUILTY...AMNESTY means illegal aliens STEALING FOOD FROM YOUR CHILDREN. Affirmative Action means SPECIAL RIGHTS for some people with the cost born by WHITEY...sorry, grow a spine White folks, and stop letting other people GUILT YOU into doing things that are NOT IN YOUR OWN BEST INTEREST.

Geoff said...

Royce Penstinger,

Good stuff! I could not agree more, definately a solid argument built up in this blog. I want this chapter of American history closed personally. If it's not one thing it's another. Every day I hear Black folks trying to reinforce their race, to make them more proud. Well WHAT about White people? We have so many reasons to be proud, yet we seem to be hindered in general today by this crisis of reverse racism. I have faith that the tide will turn and things will balance out though. It can only go on so long before White people realize they do not need to apologize anymore, and life is about one thing, living it..let's all get started this crap has gone too far.

Larry19611961 said...

SOME INTERESTING ARTICLES I FOUND...............................Silence Before Hate Bill Threat

“One thing, however, we can know with ominous certainty. All of us will be shivering in the gulags of tomorrow unless we speak out right now!”

By Rev. Ted Pike — MP3

Although two supremely threatening federal hate crimes bills have been moving forward in the House Judiciary Committee over the past six weeks, almost all large Christian/conservative “watch dog” groups remain silent.

In the past week, I have called virtually all of them requesting they watch my latest video, How to Kill the Hate Bills. I called 64 of the largest conservative organizations in America, including Focus on the Family’s 37 state affiliates; I explained the imminent threat to freedom posed by these bills. I also called the largest 30 evangelical and Catholic pro-life organizations, emphasizing that hate laws have them in their crosshairs. Since January 1, I also warned against the hate bills on 41 talk radio interviews and produced two 10-minute video documentaries and several articles posted at

In spite of this, few organizations provide timely alerts concerning the grave, impending threat of HR 256 and HR 262!

On Sunday, February 22, this was the record of silence from the websites of conservative “watchdog” groups:

• American Center for Law and Justice? Silence.
• Christian Coalition? Silence.
• Family Research Council? Silence.
• Focus on the Family? Silence.
• Traditional Values Coalition? Silence.
• Coral Ridge Ministries? Silence.
• Alliance Defense Fund? Silence.
• Liberty Counsel? Silence.
• The Rutherford Institute? Silence.
• Concerned Women for America? Silence.

After diligent search, we discovered the American Family Association disapproves of HR 256 but makes no mention of HR 262. Only Pastor Rod Parsley’s Center for Moral Clarity powerfully alerts its readers to the danger of both HR 256 and HR 262.

Among smaller watchdog groups, The Christian Anti-Defamation League and Americans for Truth spiritedly alert their constituents to the threats of both bills. Janet Porter, of Faith to Action, wrote an excellent article mentioning the threat of the hate bills, which was recently posted by World Net Daily. Yet Restore America has nothing.

Incredible Silence

Why are Christian/conservative leaders—who have most to lose if these anti-Christian, freedom-stealing laws are passed—so silent?

I’m afraid most know that, beneath a surface as thin as an onion skin, hate laws are primarily the work, not of liberals or homosexuals, but of the Jewish Anti-Defamation League (Watch, Hate Laws: Making Criminals of Christians). They are also afraid to offend the American Jewish community, which overwhelmingly supports hate laws. (See, Why Most Jews Support the Hate Bill)

Even the most tentative research into who is behind hate laws hits the ADL bull’s eye. Are you skeptical that this is true? Google “hate laws.” You’ll find ADL the number one organization promoting hate laws. (You’ll also find our National Prayer Network and its Truthtellers website to be the number one organization opposing ADL’s monstrous agenda.)

Terrified of being labeled “anti-Semitic” for opposing Jewish hate laws, most conservative organizations shy away from the hate laws issue. Few, if any, extensively educate against hate legislation. As a result, it is extremely difficult to find Christian/conservative writers who can quickly produce hard-hitting articles during legislative crises, such as now.

Tragically, we again see Christian leaders quake before Jewish powers of intimidation. They would rather risk our Christian civilization and its precious freedoms than to displease anti-Christ Jews!

If you called many of these organizations, asking why they have not taken significant action, you would probably receive the same answer I did: “We are monitoring these bills closely.” Your time would be much better spent calling the House Judiciary members, those crucial legislators who right now are deciding whether the hate bills will go forward in Congress.

Some may ask, “Why do I need to call? Aren’t thousands of others fulfilling this task?” Last week one of my supporters called four Republican members of the Judiciary and asked how many calls they received that day. Thousands? Hundreds? Hardly! Not one had received more than four calls (including hers) that day! Such infinitesimal protest is all the influence a once-mighty religious right seems willing to muster at this time.

Weary of the Fight?

Two years ago, thousands called the pivotal Judiciary members and jumpstarted tremendous opposition to the hate bill. God and the American people defeated it and five other pieces of Orwellian legislation! Today in America, there has never been more awareness of the dangers of hate laws and their abuses in other countries. A Harvard student education group now says the whole subject of hate laws has become very controversial on Capitol Hill. ( View Harvard Model Congress article)

Yet now we see a drastic slump in Christian activism and concern.

So what’s your reason for not calling the members of the House Judiciary? Perhaps your answer is as evasive as almost everyone else’s.

One thing, however, we can know with ominous certainty. All of us will be shivering in the gulags of tomorrow unless we speak out right now. Each will have to live with the haunting, condemning question: Why didn’t I just pick up a phone and dial a toll free number to save freedom while I could?

If you want to spare yourself that dire fate and tormented conscience that will go with it, call your members of the House and Senate. Then come to for the 40 members of the House Judiciary Committee. Call them toll free at 1-877-851-6437 or toll 1-202-225-3121. Tell them: “Please don’t vote for the hate crime bills, HR 256 and HR 262. Hate laws have taken away free speech in Canada and many countries.”

It is not too late… yet.


Listen to Rev. Ted Pike debunk hate bill lies. Watch our 10-minute video, “Hate Laws Lies: Exposed!” at Also at, watch our gripping 82-minute documentary “Hate Laws: Making Criminals of Christians

Larry19611961 said...

How One Video Producer Committed Racial Heresy by Asking Unpopular Questions

Review By Mark Farrell — MP3

The video “A Conversation about Race” was made to ask people some disturbing questions about race. The producer of “A Conversation about Race,” Craig Bodeker, set about to interview people from various races, which he told them was being done to end racism now. During the course of numerous short interviews, Mr. Bodeker sought examples of “racism,” and how people defined the very word. More importantly, Mr. Bodeker dared to ask some rather difficult questions, which made many of his guests a little tongue-tied.

Bodeker starts out by asking if it’s fair to say that blacks excel at basketball. Most the people interviewed agreed with this statement. He then asked the interviewees if it was also fair to say that whites might excel at something–such as tests. It seemed as if many of their jaws dropped–the very same people who had no disagreement with the concept that blacks may excel at something.

Bodeker also brings up the age-old argument of tests being “culturally biased,” an argument that was greeted with little resentment. Actually, there was some resentment when Bodeker pointed out that Asians often score higher than whites, and asked the interviewees if whites were making tests that made them intentionally look bad.

When bringing up leaders of blacks, he mentioned Jesse Jackson. A white woman remarked that Jackson was an “advocate for black people.” Bodeker asked who was an advocate for white people, a question that begged an answer. No one seemed able to produce a name.

Other obvious perceptions were challenged: Bodeker pointed out the high rate of black on white rapes, according to the Department of Justice’s crime statistics, with there being approximately 37,000 cases in 2005 (or, an average of approximately 100 per day); on the other hand, there were under 10 cases of whites raping blacks for all of 2005. He then asks why is it acceptable for blacks to bring up alleged crimes of whites from last century (slavery being the typical case, though few whites actually owned slaves, and many whites emigrated to the U.S. after the Civil War), though it is unacceptable for whites to ask about the crimes of blacks in recent times?

What is particularly interesting is the immigration-question, which was posed to both blacks and whites. The white interviewees seemed like they did not mind the illegal immigration invasion, whereas it bothered many blacks. Such a difference in opinion may be because many blacks have to actively compete against illegal aliens for legitimate jobs, or they may be better-exposed to cultural differences, not to mention Mexican-gangs, in their immediate neighborhoods.

Bodeker also tells of an experience that he once had, where his teacher played a game to essentially indoctrinate his classmates and him to the liberal mindset by using a guilt-complex. It was certainly an interesting case that Bodeker experienced. Yet, even today, such antics are all too common in schools, essentially teaching children propaganda rather than the ability to think. In fact, it seems all too common that children today at schools are not taught to think for themselves, but rather to follow a narrow propagandistic viewpoint, and any deviation from such may result in the suspension or expulsion from school for daring to be politically incorrect.

And what is the final conclusion of the video? A dread-locked black, who is missing a few teeth, surmises: “Scientists have proved that we’re all the same.” Yet, after watching this video, perhaps one might gather up enough courage to ask the question of the century: “What proof really exists that we’re all the same, and could it not be true that there are some inherent differences among the races beyond skin color and politically correct perceptions?” The truth to the question is out there, but it must somehow be found among the tidal wave of propaganda saturating our “educational” facilities.

View more video trailors at