Monday, February 23, 2009

More Disturbing Ties To China in Locke Family Tree...Again...Is This Nomination Coming From China Instead of White House?

Before we get into the you drive/own an American Made Automobile there Mr. Locke, or one from and ASIAN car company such as say Honda? Gary Locke was not a very NOTICED fact, some would call him BORING. So why make him Commerce Secretary...perhaps to appease the Chinese, to pay our money changers some honor...the Chinese are really big on that whole HONOR THING.

First, After leaving the governors office, Locke joined the Seattle office of international law firm Davis Wright Tremaine LLP, in their China and governmental-relations practice groups. Couple this with his close ties to Hillary Clinton, and one has to start asking some serious questions...just who is nominating Locke?

Gary Locke has paternal history in China...specifically Taishan, Guangdong this in and of itself is not necessarily a disqualifier, but it could be if this is a politically pay back to China for their purchasing of our bonds, or if Gary Locke through his own families ties, or the ties of his wife's family is going to have too many conflicts of interests in being Secretary of Commerce.

In 1994 his political career blossoming, Locke married Mona Lee, a little known mini celebrity Seattle television reporter. Her father is from Shanghai, her mother from Hubei and Congress would be well served to find out what if any business ties might exist in China through various family members before confirming Locke.

Also disturbing is Locke's time as Governor of Washington, during which he took a hatchet to workers benefits and rights. He wanted to lay off THOUSANDS of state employees rather than raise taxes, wanted to decimate HEALTH BENEFITS OF ALL STATE EMPLOYEES, wanted to FREEZE SALARIES, and worse he cut funding to nursing homes and to the developmentally, these might be the kinds of fiscally responsible actions that say CITI BANK or Wall Street might embrace, but are these the kinds of attributes we want in a member of President Obama's Cabinet?

Now, let us look at Locke's LAW FIRM, it's ties to some rather INTERESTING CLIENTS in the area where Gary Locke works.

Locke [87%]
OFFICES Anchorage Bellevue Los Angeles New York Portland San Francisco Seattle Shanghai Washington, D.C. CONTACT US (877) 398-8415 © Copyright 2004 Davis Wright Tremaine SEATTLE, FEB. 15, 2005 – Davis Wright Tremaine LLP, an international law firm with more than 420 lawyers, announced today that former Washington State Governor Gary Locke has agreed to join the firm. “We are delighted with Gary’s decision to join us as a leader in our China and governmental relations...

So, let us look at the incestuous relationships that suggest Gary Locke is NOT THE RIGHT CHOICE for Secretary of Commerce. These are ALL Clients that he and his firm are involved with via their Shanghai the way, can we say LOBBYING? It is noted here, that this is a very SMALL LIST, as most of Gary's Clients, most of his firm's clients have not consented to have their names and business relationship made public.

Aleba Management Company
Bank of China As in THE BANK OF CHINA the Government.
BankOne that was bought out by JP Morgan that got $25 BILLION in Bailout FUNDS.
Boeing Company (The)
Chemithon International, Ltd.
China Eastern Airlines
China National Minerals and No-ferrous Metals Import and Export Company
China Shipping
Enserch Development Corp.
Evergreen International Aviation
Ford Motor Company
General Electric Capital Corp.
Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc.
International Paper of Asia
International Power of Asia
Liberty International
Masonite Corporation
Microsoft Corporation
NACCO Materials Handling Group, Inc.
Sauer-Sundstrand Co.
Shanghai Airlines
The Timken Company
Three-Five Systems, Inc.
Tibbett & Britten Co., Ltd.
Visteon Corporation Who Killed Detroit?
W.L. Gore & Associates
Xin Ming Evening News Can we say Chinese Propaganda News Publication?
XO Communications

Examples of Locke's firm being involved in projects that seem to involve OUT SOURCING of American Jobs and Manufacturing to China:

  • Equity joint venture in Shanghai to manufacture plastic molding for automobile interiors.
  • Equity joint venture in Shanghai to manufacture electronic components for automobiles.
  • Equity joint venture in central China to manufacture off-road vehicles.
  • Land-use contracts for U.S. and joint venture companies to develop industrial parks in Tianjin and in Shandong Province and to build and operate a manufacturing facility in Shanghai.

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