Monday, February 23, 2009

Hey Main Street America...AIG WANTS MORE OF YOUR MONEY

In a story that MAJOR PRESS here in America is not covering (wonder why?) seems that AIG of BAILOUT FAME is seeking additional Bailout funds in their THIRD TRIP TO THE PORK BARREL. It is noted here, that a HUGE AMOUNT of the funds given to AIG already have been funneled to OFF SHORE other words, American Bailout funds went to pay off overseas investors, went to bailout OVERSEAS assets. Now, after some more mismanagement of the original $65 BILLION, AIG is looking for the Treasury Department to give them several tens of Billions more in real dollars, and wants to convert the Treasury Departments Preferred Stocks into all but WORTHLESS COMMON SHARES...Obama is holding out for a RIM JOB before saying yes. In the mean time, for the RISK TAKERS out there, AIG's stock is just about fifty cents a share. Any Billionaires out there willing to gift me say 50,000 shares? My birthday was this past Saturday...also willing to beg Billionaires to buy me say 200,000 shares of CITI bank...guessing that might give me a bit of leverage in trying to renegotiate my now upside down mortgage. How about it Warren Buffett, Bill Gates...can you do me a square, give me some coin with which to go bargain shopping on Wall Street?

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