Monday, February 23, 2009

Times of Economic Hardship, President and Earth Wind and Fire Entertain 130 Guests at State Dinner

In another example of WASTE IN THE WHITE HOUSE, Michelle and Barack Obama frittered away a lot of our tax money by bringing in Earth Wind and Fire to entertain themselves and 130 guests as they entertained the Governors at an UNNECESSARY STATE DINNER. If you look at the menu, figure it was at least $100 a plate for the food alone...curious Barack how you can ASK ME TO TIGHTEN MY BELT while you eat like some gluttonous PIG? You sir DISGUST ME! How much was it to book the band? While we are on the subject, any reason why the Governors could not have STAYED HOME and held their meetings on the Internet? Start LEADING BY EXAMPLE FOOL! (Said in my best Mr. T voice)...hope that Reverend Al Sharpton does not put the NAACP onto me for this post! By the way...someone tell Michelle to stop trying so hard...we really do not need to see the FIRST LADY on a daily basis.

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