Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Soldier RIGHTFULLY Refuses To Return To Iraq

Time for Obama to KEEP HIS WORD TO VOTERS, and time for the Pentagon to GET A CLUE...your troops have had enough. First was news that soldier suicides were at an all time high in January. Now we have a soldier home on leave making the decision to STAY HOME, to give the Pentagon the formal Military Middle Finger of rebellion as he refuses to continue fighting in an immoral war! Every American Soldier should refuse to report for duty in Iraq or Afghanistan...your services are needed here in America to beat back the incursion through our Southern Border, to round up over 12 million illegal aliens that need to be deported back to their country of origin. Over 11 Million of your fellow LEGAL CITIZENS, maybe even your own family members are out of work while SEVEN MILLION ILLEGAL ALIENS CONTINUE TO WORK...is that WHAT YOU ARE FIGHTING FOR? Refuse Iraq DUTY SOLDIERS...let your Generals go die in the desert sands for a change...they are FAR TO BRAVE WHEN IT IS YOUR BLOOD THEY SPILL.

The PENTAGON HAS BROKEN TENS OF THOUSANDS OF CONTRACTS (IE, where is the $500 per month BONUS for those soldiers being FORCED TO STAY IN THE MILITARY after their enlistments have ended? Gates, stick your BACK DOOR DRAFT UP YOUR ASS...if Obama had any balls, he would cut those 15,000 soldiers who have served their country well loose IMMEDIATELY. ), and the time has come to pay the piper. We never should have gone to Iraq, and the time has come for our young people TO STOP ENLISTING until such time as the Iraq war is brought to a close...no soldiers, no making wars is the way I see it. Cut our military budget in half and invest that money IN AMERICAN INFRASTRUCTURE, AND SOUTHERN BORDER ENFORCEMENT...50,000 troops should do it. I mean if we are going to invade a country, lets just take over Mexico...the place is ripe for the picking, and few could argue the fact we could do a better job of taking care of their people than Calderon is doing....in fact, WE ALREADY ARE TAKING CARE OF TEN PERCENT OF HIS PEOPLE BETTER THAN HE IS!

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