Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Self Chosen Black Segregation OK, White Self Segregation WRONG

People like Roland Martin have been singing the praises of Eric Holder recently, comparing him to the GREATS of the Civil Rights movement for hitting WHITEY square in the eye with the "COWARD CHARGE" suggesting we WHITEYS self segregate ourselves. Even when it is uncomfortable, we need to have the talk with BLACKS...more appropriately if Roland is honest, they (Blacks like Eric and Roland) want us to listen while they prattle on.

So a couple questions there Roland. Who is self segregating when a Black College in Georgia is trying to keep the state of Georgia from combining two colleges into one...simply stated, they like their BLACKS ONLY Campus, see nothing wrong with a predominantly Black College. are fighting desegregation (see this weeks Time magazine article on page 8). Who is self segregating when I go over to Essense (a Black Publication) website and see your BLOG TEASE that advertises you as "Black America's" news source. Who is self segregating Mr. MARTIN? By the way, for the record, I was surprised by the LACK OF ANYTHING OF SUBSTANCE on your blog, would be insulted as a Black person to visit Black America's new source only to find nothing of any real news on your blog.
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