Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Look For Illegal Alien NANNY GATE To Strike Obama

Look for more Illegal Alien issues for Obama...as if his Aunt were not enough! Deport the bitch! (Sorry Al Sharpton, but SHE IS HERE ILLEGALLY, that makes her a CRIMINAL! Anyway, there are whispers that either Obama himself, or a member of his cabinet are hiding the use of an Illegal Alien Nanny! Come on Obama, Mr. King of the Illegal Aliens, time to come clean. Sure would be funny if our FIRST FAMILY had used and ILLEGAL ALIEN WHILE IN CHICAGO! Speaking of the First Family...someone tell Michelle to slow down...we really have NO INTEREST in seeing the First Lady on a daily basis. Her time with school kids IS NOT NEWS, nor her time in the kitchen with students from a culinary school. Also, rumor has it she wants to see a radical human rights agenda...NOT YOUR CALL MICHELLE....you were not elected to office, have NO SAY IN AMERICAN POLITICS...simply stated, you ARE A FIGURE HEAD!

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