Tuesday, February 24, 2009

DO NOT VACATION IN MEXICO...You Could End Up Kidnapped, OR DEAD!

Do not visit Mexico! Our State Department is warning citizens that Mexico is NO LONGER a safe distination for vacaction, business or other travel. They fell JUST SHORT of asking Obama to put troops on our Border with Mexico to keep insurgents out of America as Civil War rages on all along our Southern Border.

Mexico: State Department Finally Warns Americans to Stay Out!
Monday, February 23 @ 15:01:36 CST by admin (156 reads)
Mexican Mexico Border illegal immigratioTOURISM ALERT FOR MEXICO

The State Department issued a new travel warning for Mexico on Friday, urging Americans to use caution not just in border areas but also in tourist resorts because of increasing violence.

The department's statement said millions of Americans visit Mexico safely each year, but that robberies, homicides, petty thefts and carjackings are rising.

Dozens of U.S. citizens have been kidnapped in recent years, the statement said, and many of the cases remain "unresolved."

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Anonymous said...

Mexico is not safe for anyone period! To read tragic Mexico vacation death stories, many written by heartbroken family member visit:

Anonymous said...

I have been kidnapped by Oaxaca Ministerio Police, they have killed my friend and many many others.
There are none, not one agencie in Oaxaca that will accept reports of kidnapping and extorsion even if you know who and where they are.
Agencies post flyers with telephone numbers and pretend to search for kidnappers of foreigners but these same federal agencies when called refuse to accept reports and in person laugh at you and refuse to talk with you.

No other agencies even the FBI or embassy will help even if you have all the information to enforce American Federal laws in Mexico for these crimes.
Their only answer is to leave the country.

Mexican immigration refuses to investigate, help or extridite Americans working for corrupt federal police in kidnapping and extorsion cases.
In Oaxaca even if you have actual high definition video and audio of the exact second a person's (gov't workers)shooting you like Brad Will the Indy press reporter, the state will refuse it as evidence and put some scapegoat in prison with no eveidence. Why put a mayor and other workers for the governor in Prison, that would be ridiculous.
It is common knowledge that the rapist/murderer for Schlosberg in Puerto Escondido was chased out of town and continually forced out of many, many towns he tried to call home. The story is the person responsible is a cuban. The police reportedly stated the real violator walked into a police department and confessed. Highly unlikly.

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