Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Roland Martin, Donuts and White People News

We all remember Eric Holder's macaca moment when he called Americans cowards when it came to race. One of the first people to come to his rescue was Roland Martin...OK, that is his right, but isn't he being a bit hypocritical when he himself is so guilty of self imposed Segregation? You look at one of his blogs on the internet, and he proudly proclaims to be the news source for Black America. Should there just be NEWS Roland Martin? Should there be just America instead of Black America Roland Martin? I've created a new Blog in mocking honor of Roland Martin, his mirror image if you will, White America's news source.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

In Honor of Roland Martin...White American News

OK...I probably should not do this, but the opportunity to tweak Roland Martin's nose is just to good to pass up. Roland seems to pride himself on his ability to tell White People we need to loosen up, need to accept the fact that the time has come to take the NEXT STEP in equal rights, in leveling the playing field. He was right out in front, one of the first to JUMP TO THE DEFENSE of Eric Holder when he made his "Americans are cowards" remark. Meanwhile, seems Roland is fine with his own special brand of Segregation by personal choice. No better example of this can be found than on the Essense website where Roland touts himself as THE NEWS SOURCE for Black America. Guess Roland does not feel Eric Holder's remarks were targeted at Black Folk like him. Well Roland, if you are the news source for Black America, assuming you are fine with me deciding to be the news source for WHITE AMERICA. Curious there Roland...do you ever see a point in time where you personally do not feel the need to HAVE BLACK AMERICA's NEWS? Can we just have THE NEWS?


macon bacon said...

We don't need another White People News. We already have it, on many networks, just with different names--CNN, MSNBC, ABC, and so on. Witness their obsession, for instance, with Pretty Missing White Females. WAAAAAAAY more of those than missing non-white girls, pretty or otherwise. Just one example of MANY of how ordinary American "news" is basically "white news," coming from an unquestioned, unlabeled, unexamined white perspective.

Royce Penstinger said...

Sure Macon Bacon...let me quess, you also believe Affirmative Action is just another way of leveling out the playing field, and its OK to have reverse racism. By the way, can see the reaction if whites had their own BET (Black Entertainment Television network), or White American Colleges that ran commercials saying a White Mind is a terrible thing to waste.

macon bacon said...

Commercials already say such things when they say any generic "you" or "person." Unless one says or shows someone who's explicitly African American, Asian American and so on, "American" means "white." The word "white" doesn't have to be there for that to be true.

There already is an white counterpart to BET--it's called HBO. MTV is another one. Just because they have token representation of non-white people on them doesn't mean they're not de facto "white" networks.

Affirmative action? Meh. Trying to make up for the cumulative, ongoing effects of 400 years of White Affirmative Action that way causes too much resentment among clueless whites for it to be an effective form of recompense.

"Reverse racism"? That's only a well-fondled term for those who don't realize the advantages that still accrue to whites in general from the cumulative effects of 400 years of White Affirmative Action. Not to mention a recent, more specific form, the biggest affirmative action in U.S. history, the GI Bill, which was also by and large, and in effect, for American white men (whose descendents by and large continue to enjoy the accumulated effects of that moment of vocational, residential, and educational governmental largesse). Funny how white folks complain about recent affirmative action for other groups, but ignore the centuries of affirmative action that still generally benefit and empower their group.

Royce Penstinger said...

Let me guess there Macon...you must be BLACK? Can here the EDGE of hate DRIPPING IN YOUR RESPONSES.

Anonymous said...

BET is owned by Viacom (White People), BET also makes blacks look uneducated, ghetto, and stupid. Affirmative Action is needed. Black college graduates make less in their field than White College graduates in the same field. A study was conducted in which many employers admitted to not giving Blacks a fair chance in the job market despite education level. Blacks don't get treated fairly and that is a fact. im not saying the world is against black people but its much harder being black. Whites have advantages that Blacks just don't have.