Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Left, Right, Center...Obama's War To Redefine and Own Middle Ground

Lets be clear folks...Politics makes strange bed fellows, and Obama has DECLARED WAR on both the Far Left and Far Right, is trying to own the middle by redefining it, creating if you will a new Hybrid Centrist Politician. The question then becomes, WHO WILL BE THE VICTIMS of Obama's GREAT GAMBLE?

The first victims will be those that sit on the far right, or the far left of the political spectrum...in some ways, in his dream to create an almost Socialistic Democracy, Obama wants to destroy the gate keepers that have kept America anchored. By redefining the middle, and what that middle is, he is trying to portray those on the far left and far right as being so extreme in their politics as to be considered heretics.

A perfect example is the War In Iraq...remember the promise made in the election? Look at how much Obama's message and position on Iraq and making war has suddenly changed. Now his message is all about GETTING IT RIGHT (open ended commitments). How much of the right can he pull into the center with that new message that is much closer to theirs than a sixteen month deadline? Is it enough to give a heave ho to those far left folks that HELPED Obama GET ELECTED...could be, and he seems to think so, distances himself from his promises where the Pentagon is concerned on a daily basis. For those thinking it is the Daily Briefing Reports and reality on the ground...horse shit, look at who his Right Hand Man in the Pentagon is...no more than George W. Bush's own hand picked man, Mr. Gates. Don't think that was not deliberate.

To get health care through, he is trying to do two things...get Universal Coverage through (which the left wants) while presenting it as being fiscally responsible, the right thing to do if we are going to solve the business community's biggest problem in being competitive moving forward. So who pays the price for this new Hybrid Plan. First, a major segment of the Boomers stand to take a Blood Bath with Obama's proposal...IE, my wife as a part of her Union Benefits is guaranteed Quality Health Care for life once she has hit 55. It is the prize if you will for actually being at the SAME PLACE now for 30 plus years.

OBama's plan would take that away from her even after SHE HAS EARNED IT. He will try to force us to accept this price by promising us our pain here saves us our Social Security Benefits...FOLKS, HE IS LYING. Sadly, he will not care. If he can pull this off, he pulls into his New Middle Wagon some of the Political Left, and some of the Conservative Money Wonks that are all about fiscal responsibility...promises and honor debt be damned. To get Health Care Reform through, he is going to rely upon George Bush's politics of FEAR...THE SKY IS FALLING, THE SKY IS FALLING, and couple it with what can only be called the new Hurry Up Offense of politics.

RAM THE FUCKER THROUGH BEFORE WE GET CAUGHT! Don't worry about COLLATERAL DAMAGE, if I can get this new Right, Left, Center New Centrist Boat out to sea before the Far Left and Far Right Unify to FIGHT US, we will have changed politics forever! We will have created a New Socialist Democratic Nation here in America. If you have health coverage, if you are guaranteed health coverage in your retirement, you are about too get screwed at the Altar of Health Care Reform and Comprehensive Coverage as Obama gives a little bit of coverage to EVERYONE including up to 25 million Illegal Aliens and their 4.5 Million Anchor Babies in the name of his NEW DEAL.

Can hear the banshees howling in the wind...Go ahead, call me a lunatic if you will, but look at the new so called PROGRESSIVE AGENDA being shoved down the throats of Main Street Americans...watch as the New Young Yuppie Progressives shape their vision of a New America where the NEW UBER SOMEWHAT WEALTHY put themselves in control, replacing a UBER RICH dynasty with an almost rich, little bit more liberal one! The backroom Scotch Drinking Cigar Smokers replaced with the Brie and Merlot sailboat millionaires and billionaires that want the huddled, starving masses to have health care while continuing to work for Slave Wages...can someone throw a PRAISE JESUS into the mix to win us over a few Christians as we build this boat?

Second Amendment Right to bear ARMS...lets neuter it as many of the middle left and middle right never liked guns anyway, and we can throw a BIG BONE to the far left in the hopes of pulling some of them into the boat. INSURANCE, a million dollar policy on EVERY GUN you own...OH YEAH, that one will do it, a sin tax if you will on owning guns that will bring on board our new boat the INSURANCE FOLKS and their STRONG LOBBY. We are giving them a WHOLE NEW PRODUCT LINE TO SELL, creating new jobs here in America for insurance salesman while taking away Second Amendment Rights for...well, the poor and middle class, but it is FOR THEIR OWN GOOD. We cannot have the disaffected masses carrying around guns now can we? If you are upwardly mobile or RICH, this gun liability insurance isn't going to stop YOU from owning a gun now is it...come on board, get in the boat with us...let's be careful on this one boys, we don't want to get burnt if it backfires. How about getting these bills started ON A STATE LEVEL so we have some cover.

Nationalize the BANKS...no, wouldn't be PRUDENT...instead, lets just make sure we own such a LARGE CHUNK of their stocks that we basically do own them, basically Nationalize the banking industry without doing so, and make the LITTLE PEOPLE on Main Street pay. When the time is right, we'll resell all the Federal Reserve stock to those of us in the know at a REALLY GOOD PRICE. Those of us in the know have already bailed out of banking industry stocks, so we are only hurting those with 401 K's, and they cannot get out if they wanted to.

GOD, it was DEVIOUSLY BRILLIANT to put that TEN PERCENT PENALTY CLAUSE in when we created those 401 K Retirement accounts so long ago! Let them think they are rich, but tie up all their assets so they cannot get to them when the waters get turbulent...love watching Main Street TAKING A BLOOD BATH...who cares if the poor bastards have to work till they are in their 70's? Don't they understand this is the only way we can save Social Security for ourselves...FUCK THOSE BABY BOOMERS, who were they to think they could retire at 60-64 any way? This was all planned...when we were ready, and just before the Boomers start retiring in MASS CRUSH the 401 K and pension plans INTO WORTHLESSNESS by deliberately crashing the market. It redistributes wealth to the UBER RICH Where it belongs, forces and keeps Boomers working for an extra ten years, thus keeping us from having to repay all that money we stole from the Social Security accounts over the past 40 years! BRILLIANT!

All the politicians and Corporate America got left to do now, is make all those under 50 happy by passing through AMNESTY, and freeing up lending so that those under 40 can come in after the real estate Blood Bath we Boomers took, and buy up our now worthless homes at Bargain Basement PRICES! Who cares...they are OLD PEOPLE anyway...why don't they hurry up and DIE.

Go ahead Main Street and Baby Boomers, sit quietly by wringing your hands in worry as your government rapes you...OR, you could ORGANIZE, you could take to the streets, you COULD MAKE SOME NOISE...hell, it works for the Illegal Aliens, did it ever occur it could work for you?

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