Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bernanke Is Idiot Savant Without The Savant Part

OH MY GAWD....Bernanke is a M O R O N! (Pronounced MOOOOOO RON). Seriously, I cannot believe our Fed Chief discribes what we are experiencing as a "severe contraction" as if we are pregnant, or going through growing pains. It gets better, there is a reason I am saying he is an Idiot Savant minus the Savant part...he promises to USE ALL TOOLS AVAILABLE to fix things, to keep America out of a DEEPER RECESSION. Sounds good right? Then he drops the other shoe...fixing the problem DEPENDS ON FREEING UP CREDIT! If your head just twirled around, and green vomit flew out of your throat like Rosemary's Baby join the crowd.

Tell me Mr. FINANCIAL EGG HEAD, great fortune teller of all things American Green Backs...what good is FREE FLOWING CREDIT going to do for people THAT HAVE NO JOBS? If someone is out of work, do you really think they are going to GO BUY A CAR, put a down payment no a new SPEED BOAT? Here is a clue...lets re-employ Americans by FREEZING Legal Immigration, making E Verify the law of the land, and deporting those here in American Illegally! That would start re-employing American Citizens, and if Americans ARE WORKING, THEY ARE GOING TO SPEND MONEY...which in turn STIMULATES THE ECONOMY!

CREDIT and the ABUSE OF IT got us where we are at Mr. Bernanke! Living beyong our means, BIG BUSINESS convincing us we needed the LATEST AND GREATEST DOWHAOADINGDAD THINGY to be popular, to be HIP! The fact you have to CHARGE IT, get caught in the predatory lending credit card interest trap to have it is BESIDE THE POINT...BUY BUY BUY, CHARGE IT CHARGE IT CHARGE IT, we need you SPENDING MONEY mentality has us where we are at, but you ARE GOING TO SOLVE ALL OUR ILLS by freeing up debt, encouraging Americans TO TAKE ON MORE DEBT in the name of America! BRILLIANT Mr. DIPWAD BERNANKE...and you graduated FROM WHERE?

Curious here Mr. Brainiac...you state America has killed a net 3.6 Million jobs, and that Unemployment will be above normal through at least 2011. That being so, wouldn't it make ECONOMIC SENSE for America to stop bringing in 144,000 Legal Immigrants a month, wouldn't it make sense to activate E Verify so that Illegal Aliens could be forced out of the Job Market, thus putting Americans back to work? Isn't it YOUR JOB to point this out to Pro Illegal Alien President Obama and his congress? How come that little FACT is not in your economic report?

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