Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What Kind of Fatwah, Monkey Assed, Moronic Horse Dung World Are We Living In?

First, right off the top...just finished watching Lou Dobbs, and my head is spinning out of control! We have the United Nations and the RADICAL ISLAMIC FRINGE trying to take away our American Freedom of Speech in the name of protecting the image of Allah.

For the record, that child molesting, people killing false prophet and his followers of hate can kiss MY ASS! That said, if your Allah is one that teaches love, forgiveness and tolerance of others, their beliefs and their HUMAN RIGHTS, then I am not talking to you, or talking about your God or your Allah. I am talking about the Allah and the various and assorted clerics that teach hatred of anything not theirs and their beliefs, I am talking about the Allah and Clerics that teach followers that they have 71 Ugly Ass ed Virgins waiting for them in Heaven if they visit a suicide bomb upon innocent victims.

To the United Nations and morons that want to pass a binding resolution forbidding Blasphemy against Allah...why don't you take your stupid ass ed binding resolution and your organization and GET THE FUCK OUT OF AMERICA, HOME OF THE are not even going to take away our freedom of speech, and if you think you are, then WE DO NOT WANT YOUR ORGANIZATION ON US SOIL. That's right, take your staff, take your flags from EVERY NATION and GO...maybe Switzerland will have you, or Iran! Sure China would gladly bulldoze down citizen housing to make a United Nations Compound for you. If Hillary Clinton has any balls at all, she will see to it that said resolution is TRASHED, or sees America cancelling our membership in what would be a RACIST organization helping to spread the hate speech and terrorist activities of a Rogue Religion.

Oh YEAH, I am super pissed off here, because it gets worse...forget Reverend Al Sharpton's disgusting behaviors as he continues his own Cartoonish Jihad against the New York Post because they did not come up with some Blood Money with their apology...his feeble attempts to say his taking Murdock before the FCC is not related to the Cartoon Scandal that HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH OBAMA, WAS NOT RACIST is a bunch of Snot Ass ed BULL SHIT! However, do find it funny that the next thing that got me upset centers on Mr. (Americans Are Cowards) Eric The Black Bigot Holder. I would say "MONKEY FUCK SON OF A BITCH I AM SO PISSED OFF", but sure if I did, I would be accused of portraying Holder as an Ape when in reality I was VENTING, blowing off steam at the stupidity of all of this.

Seems Eric Holder took a trip to Guantanimo this week and BANNED THE PRESS! Tell me Mr. Americans Are Cowards, didn't Obama promise us a transparent administration? Are you hiding something where Guantanimo is concerned, or do you just not want to FACE THE MUSIC from your disgustingly inappropriate remarks? Now folks, I would be willing to let this one slide, but seems Mr. Holder was really looking to butt fuck Americans and our Civil Rights...he is suggesting a ban on Semi Automatic Rifles (GET THIS) to help MEXICO! You know, that Mexico, the same Mexico that has TEN PERCENT OF THEIR CITIZENS ILLEGALLY LIVING IN AMERICA! The same Mexico who has their citizens STEALING YOUR JOBS, TAKING FOOD OUT OF YOUR Children's MOUTHS! I can't make this stuff up...we should give up some of our Second Amendment Rights to HELP MEXICO! Seriously Eric Holder, you are a numbnut that should tenure your resignation effective immediately. Are you even aware of how much damage Illegal Aliens are doing to the at risk segment of YOUR Black Community? Do YOU OR OBAMA EVEN CARE? A fair question when you both want to grant AMNESTY TO CRIMINALS, WANT TO DEGRADE OUR SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS TO HELP A NATION THAT IS INVADING OUR COUNTRY.

I wish this were the end of it, but it gets better! Seems there was a case heard at the Supreme Court is the skinny....Illegal Alien (Mexican) uses a STOLEN SOCIAL SECURITY CARD to get a job, so forth and so on. He pleaded guilty on two charges, but not guilty on the charge of Aggravated Identification Theft. Got it...this Illegal Alien (there is ONE FELONY) is in possession of a Identification that IS NOT HIS. Is using this ID (another crime) to get a job (another crime), open up accounts(yet another crime), GET CREDIT (and another), then when he is charged with Aggravated Identification Theft (and ruining someone else's life and credit) he PLEADS NOT GUILTY...MALDEF is defending him...their argument (that has made its way to the Supreme Court) is that this man did not know the ID belonged to ANYONE! What, he thought the Social Security Number belonged to Sparky the dog...WHO THE FUCK ARE WE TRYING TO KID HERE, and what is wrong with the Supreme Court when they didn't hand down a ruling right from the bench, tell MALDEF and the Illegal Alien to both GO FUCK THEMSELVES! Seriously, sometimes a good bitch slapping is in order, even if doing so is politically incorrect. Someone needs to tell MALDEF to get a CLUE!

Our government, our Law Enforcement want to know what they are not respected like they used to be, there it is...WE ARE A NATION OF ass we are. Obama wants to grant CRIMINAL ILLEGAL ALIENS who are guilty of no less than FOUR CRIMES AMNESTY! Two thirds of the Legal Americans now in prison are guilty of fewer and less serious crimes than these scum bag Illegal Aliens are! Where is THEIR AMNESTY? By the way, for those who are interested, if you read the court ruling on the Arizona Farmer who detained illegal aliens, WE DO HAVE THE RIGHT TO MAKE CITIZENS ARRESTS OF ILLEGAL is strongly suggested WE ALL START EXERCISING THAT RIGHT, coupled with our Second Amendment Rights! The job you save in exercising your right to make a Citizens Arrest might be your own!

How about if our elected officials all start taking some Commonsense pills. Tell the United Nations to keep their BINDING RESOLUTIONS to themselves, to stop trying to take away our God given rights as American Citizens. Tell MALDEF, Mexico and BIG BUSINESS that we are tired of America being used as the dumping station for their weak, impoverished, out of work criminal masses. Enforce our immigration and hiring laws AS WRITTEN, and take whatever steps are necessary to begin MASS NATIONWIDE ROUND UPS AND DEPORTATIONS OF ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS....stop lying when you say it cannot be done...Operation Wetback in the 50's shows us it can be done! As for keeping families together...send the 4.5 million Anchor Babies back home with their ILLEGAL ALIEN PARENTS...if they want to exercise their supposed American Citizenship, they can do it when they turn 18.

As to morons like Eric him and get it over with. Anyone that thinks we should degrade American Citizen's right to bear arms in the name of helping Mexico deserves to get a one way Greyhound Bus ticket back home.

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