Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Still Waiting...Eric Holder Where Are You...Thought You Wanted TO TALK, TO COMMUNE!

Hmmmm...been basically a week now, and Eric Holder has not stopped by this blog to start up a discussion with me...I thought you wanted to talk Eric Holder, wanted to break down those barriers that keep us from going to the NEXT LEVEL. You called me a coward, so I posted up a differing opinion, took that HUGE STEP, and NOW WHERE ARE YOU? Not interested in talking if there are no cameras around? Not a problem, I have a video cam, we can do a WHOLE YOU TUBE THING, just you, me and our Black White love fest as we toss our true feelings out onto the cyber living room table for all the world to see...well, at least those that track up and coming You Tube videos...COME OUT COME OUT WHEREVER YOU ARE YOU RACIST COWARD! (too harsh...should I try a different approach to bring the elusive Eric Holder out of his lair?)

I know...lets start off with the plight of Young out of work black men. You are a LAW AND ORDER guy there Mr. Holder, so this should be right up your alley...no racial reference intended Al. So that you do not think I am pulling stuff out of my ARSE there Mr. Holder I have taken the time to get a few statistics from the Center for Immigration Studies. I did this because some corners have suggested that Illegal Aliens in the Work Force are really hurting those in the Black Community between the ages of say 16-30.

Unemployment for a African American between the ages of 18 and 29 with just a high school diploma is a staggering 20 percent! Take away that High School Diploma and it jumps to 24 percent. Who is taking the jobs that these young Black men would normally be getting Mr. Holder? CAN WE SAY ILLEGAL ALIENS? So whatcha going to do about it there Mr. LAW AND ORDER? Put your money where your mouth is, show your own community where you stand! 11 Million LEGAL AMERICANS, many of them Black are out of work while over SEVEN MILLION ILLEGAL ALIENS have jobs! Illegal aliens primarily STEAL JOBS in construction, building cleaning and maintenance, food preparation, service and processing, transportation and moving occupations. GEE, the very JOBS that LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZENS with or without a High School Diploma would take, the kind of jobs that our YOUNG PEOPLE TAKE when just gettng started in their work careers! COME ON BIG MAN...DEBATE ME ON THIS, DEFEND OBAMA's PRO ILLEGAL ALIEN AMNESTY PLAN! Instead of calling me a COWARD, defend your own attack against members of your own community in refusing TO ENFORCE OUR IMMIGRATION LAWS AS WRITTEN!

Who is OPPRESSING THE BLACKS ON THE LOWEST ECONOMIC RUNGS NOW Mr. HOLDER? You have been at best MUTE on the subject of dealing with criminal illegal aliens, were silent about E Verify which would have instantly put at leat TWO MILLION ILLEGALS OUT OF WORK if it had been included in the Stimulus Bill. How many of those FREED UP JOBS could have gone to these young, out of work, struggling Legal American Black Citizens? How many of these Young Black Men if employed in these jobs, stolen from them by illegals, could then feed and take care of themselves, could make a decision NOT TO JOIN A GANG, NOT TO LIVE A LIFE OF CRIME?

You want to call me a coward Mr, Holder, but you sir are the coward, you are the one that is willing to LOOK THE OTHER WAY where Illegal Aliens are concerned because your boss, because the Democratic Party wants the Latino Voting block...laws be damned, let the Illegal aliens stay. Tell me Mr. Holder what message you are sending in embracing AMNESTY? That CRIME DOES PAY, that it is OK to break the law under the guise of getting by, under the guise of just trying to earn a living. Tell me Mr. Holder...isn't some young black man selling pot on a street corner JUST TRYING TO MAKE A LIVING? If you are willing to let SEVEN MILLION ILLEGAL ALIENS STEAL OUR JOBS, ARE WILLING TO GRANT THEM AMNESTY, then where is the Amnesty for every non serious felon currently serving time in our Penal System? After all, it is LAW AND ORDER ASS HOLES LIKE YOU That have turned the other way and ignored the criminal illegal aliens and their CRIMES AGAINST AMERICA that have lead many of those criminals to a life of crime. YOU MR. HOLDER, and ASS TURDS LIKE YOU put these men in prison by letting Illegal Aliens steal away their CHANCE TO HOLD DOWN A LEGAL JOB.

By the way Mr. Holder...while we have ALL THESE AMERICANS OUT OF WORK, HAVE ALL THESE ILLEGAL ALIENS IN OUR JOBS, lets tell the WHOLE PICTURE. Add to the seven million Illegal Aliens another 15 MILLION LEGAL IMMIGRANTS THAT HAVE JOBS, and maybe you start seeing the real culprit, and IT IS NOT WHITEY!

OUCH...truth hurt there Mr. HOLIER THAN THOU HOLDER....again, I challenge you! You said Americans were AFRAID TO TALK ABOUT RACE, afraid to have the dialogue...will bring it on! Tell me how I and/or Whites in general are responsible for KEEPING BLACKS DOWN when BIG BUSINESS and YOUR GOVERNMENT have GIVEN TWENTY ONE MILLION OF OUR JOBS TO BOTH LEGAL AND ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS? DO THE MATH MR. BRAINIAC! Last year alone, while 3.5 Million Americans LOST JOBS, our government allowed 144,000 LEGAL IMMIGRANTS A MONTH INTO AMERICA...plug in the Illegal Aliens that came in, and you should see why SO MANY LEGAL CITIZENS (BOTH BLACK AND WHITE) ARE OUT OF A FUCKING JOB you FREAK OF Bureaucracy,

You see Mr. Holder, I am not prejudice, am not a BIGOT...I am just one pissed off Legal American White Man that is tired of being held up as the SCAPEGOAT for pricks like you! (note...pricks come in all shapes, sizes and colors...as proof, I would put Eric Holder in the same prick jar with Dick Cheney) Whites are not the problem, whites are not oppressing the black man...it is BIG BUSINESS, the National Chamber of Commerce and OUR OWN FUCKING GOVERNMENT that are oppressing all of us in the middle and lower class, regardless OF WHAT FUCKING COLOR WE HAPPEN TO BE...when we as a group realize that, maybe we can start getting something done by playing on the same GOD DAMN TEAM. You want TALK Mr. Holder you got it, and if you do not have the BALLS to respond, then you are the worst kind of a dick weed weasel there is.

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