Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Main Street America...Time For Us To Brand The Traitors

In last night's dissappointing speech by Barack Obama, he made one point that I felt held merit, one that the media has hardly touched upon. He spoke to the younger generation, told them that dropping out, quiting school was also quiting on America. TOUCHE, a great point that deserved more attention than it has recieved. A Congressman has stated that any American not supporting Buy American in this our nation's time of need is committing treason against America, and he is correct.

We need some protectionist policies right now, and those who oppose them need to be prosecuted for Treason. Buy American IS NOT ENOUGH though, we have got to draw the line in the proverbial sand in several areas, join together in seeing that those lines are not crossed. Our government might not like people like me talking protectionism, and quite frankly I do not care. I and millions like me have given up enough for our governments FAILED POLICIES, for our governments inability to regulate those they are supposed to be watchdog over.

1. China is the most unfair Trading Partner in the entire world, and is guilty of some of the worst kinds of Human Rights violations. The time has come to stop buying ANYTHING that is made in China, and BOYCOTTING any store that insists on carrying goods made in China. (This includes Walmart.) Further, the time has come for Congress and our President to take away China's undeserved, "Most Favorite Nation Trading" status. Main Street America has the ability with our wallets TO DRIVE WASHINGTON POLICY...let us USE IT.

2. Hiring an illegal makes you DEFACTO guilty of treason. If you are hiring an Illegal Alien you are denying an American Citizen a job, taking the food out of the mouths of an American Family. Congress needs to pass a law that makes E Verify mandatory for every American, every American Business or Company that hires people, and if you are guilty of hiring an Illegal Alien, you (or the entire management team-including corporation officers) will have to serve a mandatory ten year prison sentence for A FIRST OFFENSE. Trust me, watch how many of the priviledged class fire their household help and nannies when this becomes law!

3. Illegal Aliens should be rounded up (work place, neighborhood and home enforcement actions) and deported after giving all illegals as a group a 90 grace period where they can self deport themselves. A $5,000 reward should be paid to any one that identifies an illegal alien that is successfully deported back to their home country after this grace period expires. Even thinking about AMNESTY for Illegal Aliens is TREASON...any politician at all levels of government that introduces a Pro Illegal Alien statute, law or proclamation should immediately be detained without bail and tried for treason.

4. While 11 Million Americans have lost jobs, we have 14 million Legal Immigrants still in the work force. There should be a ten year moratorium on all Legal Immigration. It is suggested that our Congress hold a SPECIAL ELECTION so that the people can vote on this issue, rather than letting Corporate America's Lobbyist buy their votes. Further, if necessary, with no CRAP TRAP LIES (Pathway to citizenship.) we can have a national vote on Amnesty...straight up or down vote, with one word on the ballot, that word being AMNESTY.

Yes, I am calling on all Americans to only Buy American, to embrace protectionist views and practices, as it is US OR THEM...if we put all our efforts into doing what is right for America and her citizens, we can pull out of this Depression in the next couple of years. However, if we follow down the road that Congress is now paving for us, if we are forced to SAVE THE WORLD ECONOMY while we save our own, Americans in the lower and middleclass are looking at 10 years of BRUTAL HELL, as it will be us who pay the tab for saving the world, will be us who pay the tab for Obama's AMNESTY for 12-25 Million Illegal Alien Criminals. Your choice Americans in the lower and middle class...US or THEM....are you willing to stand on bread lines for ten years while criminals, illegal aliens get ahead? Are you willing to live in poverty for ten years to SAVE CHINA's ECONOMY?

Sub note...Gary Locke should not be made Secretary of Commerce...all you have to do is look at his extended family's ties to China, look at the lobbying done by himself and the firm he works for, and it is clear THIS MAN IS THE WRONG MAN FOR THE JOB.

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