Thursday, February 26, 2009

RED ALERT! Our Freedom of Speech Is Under Attack On Floor of Senate Right Now

It is bad enough when the United Nations tries to usurp our American Freedom of Speech through a Binding Resolution, but when Senator Durbin tries to do a SNEAK ATTACK, and end around on our Freedom of Speech right on the Senate Floor, it is the worst kinds of dastardly deed, the worst kind of attack on our freedoms by the Illegal Aliens and those that support them. This just in from the fine folks at ALIPAC...please contact your Senators NOW, as in right this minute....this is an INSTANT RED ALERT CALL TO ACTION.


Friends of ALIPAC,

Friends of ALIPAC,

Please access our ALIPAC Directory for the US Senate and start with calls to your own two Senators. Then proceed to call and e-mail as many others as quickly as possible!

We just received word that the US Senate may vote TODAY on an amendment by Senator Durbin that would reinstate the "Fairness Doctrine" that will regulate free speech on talk radio and the web!

We just received this news from FOX.

Please call, e-mail or Fax as many senators as you can to say.

"How dare the Senate take up rapid consideration of an amendment by Senator Durbin that could hinder free speech in America! I want Senator _____ to vote AGAINST the DURBIN Amendment and against the Fairness Doctrine. Please ask Senator ______ to vote FOR Senator DeMint's amendment instead, which would protect free speech in America!"

The supporters of illegal immigration and AMNESTY are supporting this sneak attack on free speech to try and prevent debate before they try to push Amnesty again soon.

Please spread the word as fast as you can!



Prelude to Amnesty

Senator Durbin Pushes To Silence Free Speech In America!

We are sharing new info, comments and questions on this rapid response operation at this link....


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