Monday, February 23, 2009

Eric Dyson Wrongfully Rides to Rescue of Mr. Coward, Eric Holder

Leave no doubt about it...Eric Holder should resign, or be impeached...his coward remark makes him SCUM. That said, we have one Eric Dyson riding to his rescue, trying to portray his speech as one of the bravest ever delivered, ready to convince us that Eric Holder should be seen as an AMERICAN HERO cast in the mold of those civil rights leaders that came before him...HORSE SHIT. Forget BULLY PULPIT, what Holder was telling America, is that he intends to use the full force of his office of Attorney General to pursue BULLY LITIGATION to carry out his personal AGENDA. Sorry, but I never was one that took kindly to veiled threats from any man, regardless of his color.
Michael Eric Dyson wrongfully suggests that Eric Holder's critics are misinterpreting his words and his challenge to confront racial issues. First, a general point...why is it, that certain members of the Black Community suddenly think they have the right to tell us our perceptions and thoughts are WRONG? First, we have Al Sharpton and Roland Martin calling for a boycott of the New York Post, telling us that a certain cartoon is racist, even IF WE DO NOT SEE IT AS SO. Now we have Michael Eric Dawson telling us our thoughts on Eric Holder are wrong. There is NO RIGHT OR WRONG, there is reaction...if I do not think the cartoon was racist, someone telling me it was does not MAKE IT SO. Eric Dyson telling me I am misinterpreting Holder's remarks does not make it so. I have a question for both Al Sharpton and Eric Dyson...what if White's reacted to Holder the way the Black community has reacted to the New York Post's cartoonist...what if we took to the streets DEMANDING HIS HEAD? From my perch, I see a dangerous double standard...I can understand people taking offense, but their taking offense does not mean offense was meant.
I think Eric Holder is no longer FIT TO SERVE, I took and take offense to his words and HIS THREAT and think he should be fired. I am entitled to my feelings, and my thoughts on the matter and on Eric Holder are not misguided or wrong because Michael Eric Dyson decides to use his own Bully Pulpit to tell us we are wrong where Eric Holder is concerned....curious here Eric, would you be writing this column if Eric Holder had made those remarks as a White Man? I would doubt it.
Holder's words, "essentially a nation of cowards" when it comes to race were first deliberately inflammatory, and more importantly, the charge was carefully crafted and launched AT WHITE PEOPLE. Let me ask you Eric (either of you can answer it)...ever tried to go into a Black Bar as a White person? We know REAL QUICK we ARE NOT WELCOME! Blacks have their own prejudice, but get really ANGRY when you call them on those prejudices. Blacks self segregate as example, they WANTED their own television network. I can see the rage if Whites suddenly started insisting on a White Entertainment Network...can you explain to me why it is OK for Blacks and Hispanics to have their OWN SEGREGATED CHANNELS, but not OK for Whites to have their own network? We have special AWARDS PROGRAMS only for Latino's, only FOR BLACK PEOPLE...I can see/hear the outrage if we made the Oscars the White People Awards. By the way, I would prefer that all American Channels be forced to carry ENGLISH Language ONLY shows, and that we not have channels based on any race including White. You want every one to get along, want all things open to all people, then you have to be willing to open your own homes and communities as well...breaking down barriers takes TWO, and from my own perspective, everyone wants Whites to open up to everyone else, but when it comes time for them to open up to us, that IS A DIFFERENT STORY.
I reject Dyson's claim that we are missing the words Eric Holder DID NOT SPEAK, but instead hinted at by their omission. It goes like calling us COWARDS on RACE, he by default was COMPLIMENTING us on our BRAVERY in all other areas. You should sell cars there Mr Dyson! So if I call Michael Vick s dog hating asshole, I am really complimenting him on his love of cats?
You bring up the necessity of Holder bringing to our attention America's DISMAL record on race. HELLO, we have a BLACK PRESIDENT, and (at least for now) a BLACK ATTORNEY GENERAL. How many whites have missed out on opportunity in the name of Affirmative Action Mr. Dyson? and for what? To have Eric Holder give us the proverbial MIDDLE FINGER? To have you tell some of us we are misinterpreting what it is we heard with our own ears? I can guarantee you Mr, Dyson, if a White Attorney General had lobbed that fire bomb out onto the airwaves, the Black Community would have been up in arms. By the way, if over NINETY PERCENT OF BLACKS had not voted for Barack because HE IS BLACK, odds are we would have our first woman president...but that was OK?
I am all for HAVING THE is the problem from my perspective....BLACKS WANT TO TALK, and EXPECT US WHITES TO LISTEN...sorry, but we have come far enough down the road now that it is OUR TURN to express some of our issues...let us start with Affirmative Action...IT NEEDS TO GO! Let's replace it with a program that gives people a hand up based ONLY ON THEIR ECONOMIC NEED. Why should you get a hand up because you are Black, while someone in the same situation who happens to be white is told, "Sorry, but affirmative action says you are SOL based on the color of your skin." By the way...there have been times in my own life where I was told STRAIGHT UP, "we could help you if you were not white, or if you were a woman."
You see Eric...some of us Boomers who were all supportive of Civil Rights have spent over 30 years now making certain sacrifices in the name of Affirmative Action, and we are now saying, "WE WANT A LEVEL PLAYING FIELD". Now, you and Eric Holder want to see that desire as us telling Black Folk to take care of their own problems, that is fine, but does not make it so. What we are saying, is Black Folk should not get to CUT IN LINE, should not get an ADVANTAGE in applying for a job, or in applying to college BASED ON THE COLOR OF THEIR SKIN. Every time we try to have that DISCUSSION, it is NOT US that are not wanting to talk. We are saying fitting in, getting along has to be a EQUAL TWO WAY STREET, rather than a street where all the responsibility gets dumped on WHITE FOLKS, where we are expected to open our homes and buildings to Blacks, while they get to keep their own separate Black only institutions.
You say Black History is American, Black History IS A PART of AMERICAN HISTORY. You want US TO STUDY BLACK HISTORY...I happen to think ALL AMERICANS NEED TO STUDY AMERICAN HISTORY PERIOD, and as a part of that study, Black Contributions to it should be included. I also think we need to bring back the teaching of CIVICS, but what the hell do I know? I think we should teach our kids that all people are EQUAL, but that law breakers that come to America Illegally are criminals that should be deported...some will LABEL ME A RACIST for holding that view....who is the idiot? Look around, 11 Million Americans out of work while 7 Million Illegal Aliens have jobs. Last I looked, Illegal Aliens have depressed the wages of young black men by over thirteen percent, but where is Al Sharpton, Eric Holder, Roland Martin and yours outrage in that, where is the Black Community in calling for a boycott of the Illegal Alien community? My point in bringing Illegal Aliens up in this talk is simple...STOP TARGETING WHITES, all of the Black Communities ills are not created by us...the one just mentioned a PERFECT EXAMPLE.
See Mr Dyson, you OFFEND with statements like, "black social action", as it paints a picture of the Equal Rights movement, even most social movements as something predominantly driven by the Black Community and their leaders sung and unsung. I seem to recall Women's Suffrage, seem to recall whites dying because they supported Equal Rights, seem to recall that Martin Luther King was not the only major political figure that believed in Equal Rights that was assassinated in the 60's. To listen to you, and to Holder, everything spins out from the Black claim the Feminist Movement, the Vietnam War Protest both took their cues from UNSUNG BLACK AMERICANS. Not to BUST YOUR BALLOON, but wasn't the Boston Tea Party and the resulting Revolutionary War a Social Action? Woman's suffrage...wasn't that a Social Action....curious, did you ever read Upton Sinclair's, "The Jungle"? Guess that whole march for workers rights meant nothing, was not a social action? Not sure, but think I seem to remember something as well about a certain Migrant Farmers social movement? Let me guess, you claim birth rights for all those belong to unsung blacks as show your ignorance of American History when you want to claim American Social Actions roots are all in Black Social Action, when you claim American History is Black History. Black History, Black Social Movements are an important part OF A MUCH LARGER WHOLE, not the other way around.
Simply stated Mr. Dyson, Eric Holder is an asshole, not a Ronald Reagan asking us to TEAR DOWN THAT WALL. If Eric Holder had ONE OUNCE of DECENCY AND SELF RESPECT he would resign from the position he has TAINTED.

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