Thursday, February 26, 2009

Open Letter To Obama

It always amuses me that the White House lets us leave them Email which they NEVER get around to answering...unless of course you are one of the BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE that has access to Obama's personal Blackberry. (by the way, how many of you knew Clinton had his own private ZIP CODE!...sorry OBama, but that trumps your way cool Blackberry) Anyway, since the president thinks he can ignore letters to him that never see the light of day until long after he is out of office, have decided I will share my diatribes, my letters to the man in the oval office here on this, here is my first letter shared that was left over on for President Obama and it deals with ILLEGAL ALIENS.


Look Mr. President...YOU TOOK AN OATH...

As an OUT OF WORK AMERICAN, I do not like the fact that SEVEN MILLION CRIMINAL ILLEGAL ALIEN SCUM still have jobs. If you think that sentiment makes me racist, I can live with that! Care to have your moronic Attorney General tell me I am wrong in saying ILLEGAL ALIEN SCUM ARE CRIMINALS...I am fine with that, would expect he would be happy to do so since he has already claimed I am a Coward when it comes to having a talk about race. I invited him to have that talk on but I guess he is too chicken to have a REAL DEBATE...shrug. You sir, and your administration seem to think it is OK to sell out Main Street Americans.

People like you want to grant AMNESTY to these scum Illegal Aliens. Do me a favor Mr. President...explain to this DUMB OLD BOY who cannot afford to go to college why it is that Illegal Aliens have a right to steal jobs from Americans, explain to me why it is that the ICE Agents who carried out a successful work place enforcement action today are not being applauded. Explain to me why it is that Janet thinks she has a right to instruct Law Enforcement to ignore Employers who ARE VIOLATING THE LAW unless they are ABUSING ILLEGAL ALIEN WORKERS...her words sir. Come on Obama, you have not had one REAL CONVERSATION WITH A REAL AMERICAN, and I am giving you the chance RIGHT NOW. Seven million illegal aliens have jobs while ELEVEN MILLION LEGAL AMERICANS are out of work. How can you justify AMNESTY for these criminals, how to you explain to us LEGAL AMERICANS why it is fair they get AMNESTY, get to steal the food from OUR MOUTHS.

Yes, I am pissed off, and so are millions more like me...further, we are not impressed with YOUR SOCIALIST AGENDA. Tell me the truth Mr. President...does your new comprehensive health coverage carry over to ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINAL SCUM? Inquiring minds want to know! Tell us the truth sir. Also, as a Boomer approaching retirement, I'd like to know what your plans are for solving the financial problems of the Social Security it true you intend to cut the benefits of BOOMERS and force us to work longer before we can collect. You say the system is broke...WHERE DID THE MONEY GO that 75 million boomers have paid into the system...what about those IOU's?

I am sure you will do with this letter what White House staff always will be preserved in some little black folder reserved for rude letters written by rude Americans. You will not respond to it, will not give me an audience to AIR MY COMPLAINTS because I am not Black, nor am I one of America's BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE...I am fine with that. Since I know the drill, going to take the liberty of posting this letter to you on my blog.

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