Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Frank Wants Bailout Money Back...Earth Wind and Fire Getting Rich

Congressman Frank who has been on his own EGO trip wants Northern Trust Bank (who got $1.6 Million in Bailout funding) to give the money back they spent on a LAVISH party/golf trip to Los Angeles...now I do not disagree with his demand that the money be returned. Here is MY PROBLEM...this bank that recieved BAILOUT FUNDS spend a bunch of our money to go out to Los Angeles to see Earth Wind and Fire in CONCERT...now didn't President Obama just spent a WHOLE BUNCH OF AMERICAN TAX PAYER DOLLARS having Earth Wind and Fire performing at his First State Dinner? (CBS) Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank is demanding that Northern Trust, a bank that received $1.6 million in bailout funds, pay the government back for the money it spent on lavish parties and concerts last week in Los Angeles, according to entertainment Web site TMZ.

Frank, the Chairman of the House Committee on Financial Services, is sending the letter on behalf of the committee, TMZ reports.

Northern Trust sponsored a PGA event, the Northern Trust Open last weekend at the Riviera Country Club in Los Angeles. According to TMZ, the bank flew out hundreds of employees and clients to stay at lavish hotels, and attend parties and concerts with acts like Earth, Wind & Fire, as well as Sheryl Crow.

Mass. Congressman Barney Frank, shown earlier this month on “Face the Nation.” (CBS)

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