Monday, February 23, 2009

Dear Main Street Americans...Time To Take Care of Ourselves

If you are a crooked politician (that would be ALL OF YOU), or a dishonest executive at a big corporation (THAT WOULD BE MOST OF YOU), or you have hired or have working for you an illegal alien, this post is NOT ADDRESSED TO YOU. This post is addressed to Main Street Americans, it is a warning, and a call to action.

If you read the news from various World News sites, you start realizing just how fearful other countries are that Buy American protectionism will shut them (China, Mexico, even Europe)off from much needed trade with America, thus CRASHING THEIR OWN TROUBLED ECONOMIES. They don't just want a piece of our American Stimulus Bill, they are COUNTING ON IT. England's Brown is calling on a Global New Deal to jump start the World Economy, wants a ALL FOR ONE and ONE FOR ALL approach to a slowing Global Economy...translated...he and others around the world have gotten used to Americans and our dollars keeping the world economy rolling along, and now that we are in our own crisis, they want us to not only solve our problems, but solve theirs as well.

SCREW THAT NOISE...the time has come for Main Street Americans to FORCE CONGRESS to take care of us, and let everyone else FEND FOR THEMSELVES, come up with their own Stimulus Bills, take care of their own citizens.

1. Stop buying imports, even if they are cheaper than say a similar product that is made in America. Yes, I am suggesting (for awhile) that ALL AMERICANS cease buying ANYTHING PRODUCED ABROAD. This will force American Companies and our government to rebuild American manufacturing infrastructure...simply stated, if China (as example) wants to sell goods in America, let them BUILD A PLANT HERE, ABIDE BY OUR WAGE AND SAFETY LAWS, and EMPLOY AMERICAN WORKERS in the creation of their goods and services being sold here.

2. Immigration Reform...simple...make E Verify the LAW OF THE LAND, and begin SERIOUS WIDE SPREAD INTERIOR ENFORCEMENT of our laws as written. We have SEVEN MILLION Illegal Aliens in our work force while over 11 Million LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZENS AND IMMIGRANTS are out of work. THAT IS NOT RIGHT...E Verify being mandatory would almost overnight put 85 percent of Illegal Aliens out of work, and when they cannot make a living, a large number of these criminals will self deport.

3. There must be a ten year moratorium placed on Immigration To America...the time the H1 Visa bringing in foreign workers to replace American workers while driving down wages MUST END...if our Federal Government will not do it, then we are left with no choice but to take actions as citizens grouped together for our own good to make it happen. Shunning, work place sit ins, blockades, boycotts...use these tools to stop our government and Big Business victimizing us in the name of their profits.

4. Foreign Aid...ENDED until further notice. That's right, we need our TAX DOLLARS SPENT HERE ON THE HOME FRONT. Why are we contributing BILLIONS to foreign countries to feed their own, or to build their military when our own people, our own military need those funds.

5. Force our Congress to take whatever vote is necessary to pull America out of NAFTA, CAFTA, WTO, and any other agreements that have us committed to building a Global Economy even if it is NOT GOOD FOR AMERICA.

6. Force Congress to pass a bill abandoning any efforts towards unifying Canada, Mexico and America into a common North American Union...further, the Super Corridor program that would be linked up to a Deep Sea port IN MEXICO is to be abandoned and trashed as NOT GOOD FOR AMERICANS.

7. Border Security...WALLS and FENCES MAKE GOOD NEIGHBORS...all 2200 Miles of our Border with Mexico are to be TRIPLE FENCED and militarized. Mexico has shown itself to be a DEPLORABLE NEIGHBOR, and perhaps a 2200 mile fence will force them to become better neighbors, force them to address their own social issues, rather than shipping them to America. 60 percent of Mexicans thinking they have the right to come to America any time they choose does not make it so...a fence should bring some REALITY to their WRONG SIGHTED BELIEFS, armed troops with the right to use deadly force should send a CLEAR MESSAGE to Mexico's drug dealers and coyotes that the free ride into America for their GOODS (drugs and people) has come to an end.

We are on the brink of a second Great Depression. The time has come for America to begin taking care of her own. Our politicians are desperately wanting to IGNORE THAT REALITY, are wanting to continue BUSINESS AS USUAL where business as usual means taking care of Big Business and Foreign Countries first, Illegal Aliens second, and placing American Citizens last on their list. If driving that point home takes huge protests, riots, even citizens brigades enforcing our laws as THEY ARE WRITTEN at a local level, then so be it. Our government is supposed to be by and for the people, not by and for illegal aliens, not for and by China, not for and by BIG BUSINESS. Congress seems to have lost sight of that reality, and Obama promises of REAL CHANGE seem to be just ANOTHER LIE spoken to get elected.

Americans must UNITE to take care of our own, Americans must UNITE to shut down the pathways that see our money going to anyone and everyone but LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZENS.

This new AMERICA FIRST ATTITUDE should include bringing American Troops home from both Iran and Afghanistan starting IMMEDIATELY...America can pour hundreds of BILLIONS of more dollars into building a 21st Century American Infrastructure if we downsize our military, rather than having troops fighting wars in foreign lands. Let China fight Saudi Arabia's wars, let India deal with the Taliban and that whole ugly situation. Maybe if American pulls in its carpet for awhile, maybe if the world does not have us to kick around on the world stage, maybe if OUR DOLLARS STAY home, the world can realize just how important our presence is on the world stage. How does that old expression go..."You don't realize what you've got till its gone."

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Larry19611961 said...

Mr. Penstinger, I agree with and have been preaching these same points for years. I'll wager that most folks think it's hopeless to buck the system and there's nothing that can be done about the way the government is screwing us. I also warned everyone I knew not to vote for obama but saw little difference between him and McCain. And everyone could see the discrimination crap was ahead..Now if you were to run for office As I suggested previously,The media would brand you a racist or give you unequal coverage as they did throughout the last election..I could hardly believe the favoritism which obama received.Let me know what can be done and count me in ....Larry.