Saturday, February 28, 2009

Americans Can and MUST Crash China Economy!

If Americans want to know what the silver lining is as our economy runs through the rapids of despair and agony, look to China. As orders from America plummet, China's economy and thus their power is crashing. 20,000 textile factories, many of them once located here in America, that were pumping out clothes to fill orders from GAP, Walmart and other retailers have shuttered their doors, seeking bankruptcy protection as 20 Million Chinese hit the unemployment lines. By crashing the Chinese economy, America is providing the pathway to rebuilding our own country, reclaiming our manufacturing infrastructure as China loses theirs. Yes, I am talking deliberate Main Street economic warfare against the sweat shops and slave labor that have build China's might.

If it says Made in China, put it back on the shelves. Clothing, electronics, food, furniture, anything and everything that is associated with Communist China should be off your shopping list...we have the opportunity here while times are tough to use our wallets, our pocketbooks to effect social change. For too long our tax dollars were used to send our manufacturing base to foreign lands, too often to the shores of China where human sweat shops flourished under the regime of President Hu. Despite cruel treatment of its citizens, known horrid human rights abuses, and other atrocities, China was given "Most Favored Nation" status with America because the United States Chamber of Commerce pushed for it, lobbied Congress on behalf of those pushing us towards a Global Economy that we now see DOES NOT WORK FOR AMERICA.

China's recent gains in both military and political might around the world have been built and predicated upon their ability to FLOOD AMERICAN MARKETS with their CHEAP, POORLY MADE GOODS. Our government allowed China to steal our American Prosperity in much the same way they are letting Illegal Aliens steal our jobs. Well, enough is enough...BOYCOTT all thinks Chinese as a wave of Patriotic Buy American protectionism brings our nation back from the brink while we kick China off a steep cliff, sending their economy into a hell from which it should not recover until such time as their horrid human rights abuses are ended, their citizens set free, and Tibet given its independence.

Some Scary Facts on China:

The regime still allows a prisoner to be asphyxiated by the fumes from his own uncollected excrement, turns the family members of imprisoned human rights campaigners out on the streets, forces young women to undergo sterilization and abortion.

China may not use little boys as chimney sweeps, but the textile and garment industries work children 14 hours a day, seven days a week, and often they sleep by their looms. If you lose your arm in the loom, you're fired.


Larry19611961 said...

Royce, It's becoming increasingly difficult to find products not made in China..I imagine if we institute such a boycott they will simply lobby to get country of origin taken off the label...Larry

Royce Penstinger said...


People say we CANNOT deport 12-25 Million Illegal aliens...actually, we can deport them. E Verify would overnight unemploy over 4 million illegal aliens who in turn would SELF DEPORT once they found out they could no longer work in America as Illegal Alien Criminals, which is what they are.

My point...America has gone to hell in a handbag because Main Street America buys into thinking like you express here when you say it is HARD to find anything NOT MADE IN CHINA. You are right, but for how long if we stick to our guns? If Americans would have refused to purchase goods made in China ten or fifteen years ago, our jobs would not have been OUT the time has come to STRIKE BACK.

Go to some of the China websites...their economy is BURNING TO THE GROUND....we can SPEED UP THAT PROCESS, crash their economy and throw their government into upheaval as they attempt to deal with internal struggles. Why China crashes and burns, we pick up the pieces, rebuild our infrastructure and it is the end of the story.

Trust me, the rich LOVE MONEY more than LIFE...if they realize we will not buy trinkets made in China, they will get them made some place else...Like America.