Monday, September 29, 2008

Beth Malek Defends Foundation For Defense of Democracies...WONDER WHY

Last night I posted up a small article on the disturbing organization Foundation for Defense of Democracies, and today I got a message on the post from a true RED BLOODED George Bush, Newt Gingrich Foot Soldier in one Beth Malex.

Saving the Surge To Save McCain Presidential Hopes...Foundation for Defense of Democracies

Beth Malek said...

I went to FDD web site. They have an excellent array of resources in terms of informaiton about the Middle East and Democracy, Terrorism research center and Future of Terrorism Project. They are in the media often. They deal with issues way above and beyond the current Presidential election. I don't understand the article that mentions FDD. I understand what FDD's message is..much wider then the very narrow analysis of this article.

Why would someone bother to contact me on that article, to throw me off track without a reason? Was Beth just trying to save me time, let me know I was chasing down an empty badger hole, or did she have and AGENDA, was she ONE OF THEM? A bit of a internet search leads me to believe SHE IS ONE OF THEM!

Beth Miller Malek
Partner, Wilson-Miller Communications, Inc.

1415 L Street, Suite 430
Sacramento, CA 95814
phone: 916.551.1383
fax: 916.551.1384

Beth Miller Malek Partner Beth Miller Malek is a partner in Wilson-Miller Communications, Inc., a Sacramento-based public affairs consulting firm, providing strategic counseling, government and media relations, campaign and issues management services. Beth is one of the most respected communications professionals in the state and has served as a counselor to governors, statewide elected officials, members of Congress and numerous other federal and state government officials and political party leaders and is a campaign veteran. She also has substantial expertise in federal and state government, public policy, communications and media relations.

Beth previously served as deputy director of communications and chief deputy press secretary for former California Governor Pete Wilson. (Disgraced Republican) Prior to relocating to California, she worked at the Republican National Committee (RNC) in Washington, DC, as head of their communications field division, coordinating media and political strategy for state party operations and state and local campaigns. Why she bother to leave me a message is GETTING CLEAR NOW!

During the administration of President George H.W. Bush, Beth was appointed press secretary for the National Energy Strategy at the US Department of Energy. She also served as communications director and press secretary for former US Representative Virginia Smith (R-Nebraska) and was part of the historic 1986 campaign team that elected Kay Orr as the first woman governor of Nebraska. Beth began her career at the Republican National Committee, working in various capacities within the political and communications divisions.

Currently, Beth is a member of the Board of Directors of the American Association of Political Consultants, the Arthritis Foundation and the Center for Contemporary Art, Sacramento. She also serves on the Advocacy Council for the California Chamber of Commerce.

Any one care to take a bet on Beth's position of Illegal Aliens in our work force? Her position on Amnesty? Her position on a LIBERAL guest worker program? Oh, so rich...sure Beth, you just happened to take time out of your BUSY DAY to read my post, go to the web site, and drop me a friendly note!

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