Thursday, October 2, 2008

Pre Vice Presidential Debate Musings

The C Span pre-debate cam is starting to get a bit interesting, and if people knew they were being watched, they might spend some time looking less like a dork...perfect example is the woman walking around in the PINK winter coat with an orange baseball cap on! TACK A. It is surprising with security what it is in America to see as many back packs as I have noticed so far.

Should be an interesting night, and I am betting on a serious GAFF by Sarah Palin, and would lay odds it will be on You Tube before the debate has even ended. If we hold her to the SAME STANDARD that we hold Joe Biden (equal rights), she does not stand a chance unless Joe Biden falls into her trap, and lets her get away without really answering questions.

A good tactic for Joe Biden...force her to talk about John McCain by starting his answers with something like, "John McCain has said he supports so and so, and his position is blah blah blah, but I think, and then the rest of his answer. This will place her in a position of having to DEFEND John McCain.

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