Friday, October 3, 2008

Ali Velshi...Wall Street Shill And IDIOT

I was a bit of a fan of Ali Velshi's as a regular watcher of CNN, but his actions during the Wall Street Bailout have lead me to believe he is nothing more than a Wall Street shill, trotting their message OUT TO THE MASSES. Today, I added IDIOT to my thoughts about the man. We all watched Wall Street TANK after the bailout passed today. Not long after that, Ali who had been making and appearance with THE OPRAH came on and starting telling us that he was where the action is, that we needed to be watching over night lending rates, that was where we would begin SEEING SIGNS OF MONEY LOOSENING UP, a sure sign that help was coming. He went on to say he was starting to see changes in the interest rates on over night lending, that money was loosening up with this quote, "A slight almost indiscernible change in interests rates is beginning to appear."

Main Entry: in·dis·cern·ible
Function: adjective
Pronunciation: "in-di-'s&r-n&-b&l, -'z&r-
: incapable of being discerned : not recognizable as distinct

INCAPABLE of being discerned! Shaking head. I guess he was trying to show us SOMETHING after spending two weeks trying to FEAR US INTO ACCEPTING THE FACT THAT CONGRESS HAD TO PASS THIS $700 BILLION DOLLAR BILL. One question Mr. to tell us what if any connection you have to the National Chamber of Commerce, and do you do any expenses paid or paid for speeches for the Chamber of Commerce, either local chapters, or for the National Organization? It's the only reason I can come up with for you trying to RAM THAT BAILOUT DOWN THE THROATS of America's viewing public.


Anonymous said...

Yup, the last few weeks have proven this guy is a fool. He keeps calling the bottom - well guess what? It just keeps dropping...

5s said...

good post! I found your blog by searching google for "ali velshi idiot". Your post summed up my thoughts very well - he's a sell out trying to sell us out. I hope the fucker burns in hell!

Anonymous said...

Ali Velshi is a hack.
Anybody listening to him, should have their head examined.

Anonymous said...

I agree. He is awful! He is not qualified to be the Senior Business Correspondent for CNN. They should replace him with Richard Quest or Poppy Harlow. They seem to know more about what is going on.

Ian said...

Velshi can't even get simple facts correct... he has stated twice on CNN's No Bias No Bull show that "homes are being foreclosed on so cities aren't getting the related property tax", as if the foreclosing banks who now own the property are exempt from paying the property tax.

Idiot is an apt description for this fool.

Anonymous said...

Not only is he an incompetent fool, he was absolutely disrespectful, condescending and arrogant towards Ben Stein this week during an interview on CNN. Velshi needs to learn that he's a newb when compared to intelligent people like Stein, and needs to learn how to convey his thoughts with respect towards his peers and seniors.

Anonymous said...

The closet transsexual also known as Ali Velshi is a MORON indeed.....with a degree in theology and talking about wall street? HEre is the same guy who one day says spend spend spend, the next day says save save save.....encyclopedic MORON!

Anonymous said...

Exactly Right!

Today, I saw him with two other idiots touting the virtue of bailing out Greece. They championed the Federal reserve and its horrible policies (which caused the tech bubble and then the housing bubble).

They dumb everything down so much that I just want to puke.

P.S. I also found this blog by googling "Ali Velshi idiot"

Eric G said...

Cnn will hire any communist as an economics expert. They are fighting Msnbc for the communist viewership.

He's a Canadian giving lectures on economics. WTF is that all about!