Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Independent America 2010-Building a Viable Third Party

Greetings Readers:

Sitting here this evening in my living room watching the various cable news programs, watching the Wall Street Bailout sage unfold, decided it was time to work towards creating a truly viable Independent Third Party if we are going to reclaim Washington DC, have a government that is truly run for and by the people. You see, if there is one thing that both Republicans and Democrats can agree on, it is that neither of them wants to see a viable third party involved in American Politics. In fact, on local, state and federal levels these two parties have passed into law and statute thousands of rules to keep this very reality from happening.

This is not a new idea...Lou Dobbs have spent the better part of this year encouraging Americans to register as Independents. Ross Perot almost made it a viable reality back in the 90's, but fell short. Perhaps now, in this environment, in this time when so many new young voters are coming onto the political scene the time is finally right to end Washington DC gridlock by ending the monopoly that a two party political system has created. Think about it, after the November Elections, will anything REALLY CHANGE? We'll still have one party in power, and one party who is out of power doing everything they can to thwart forward progress. There will still be two parties kowtowing to Special Interests and Corporate Lobbyist as they chase the almighty Campaign Dollars as they build insurmountable campaign war chest to beat down those who dare challenge them in local elections.

Now who am I to think I could play a part in creating a viable third party? What makes me believe I can overcome odds that not even Ross Perot with all his billions could overcome? Simply stated...I don't have a horse in the race, am not overly fond of any of the people now in office. Further, I'm not rich, nor am I owned by any individual or group. Besides, I have a record of overcoming insurmountable odds. Secondly, I'm tired of being disillusioned with America's Political System.

In 2006 I spent a great deal of time, money and effort to help Freshman Congressman John Hall defeat five time incumbent Sue Kelly. We in the grassroots were the ones who secured his victory only to have him go to Washington and abandon us in favor of the Incumbent Game. His campaign donors list now bears a remarkable resemblance to the War Chest of the Congresswoman we sent packing. Instead of bringing the grassroots that got him elected to office to Washington with him, he instead hired POLITICAL OPERATIVES, Washington Old Hats that would help him STAY IN OFFICE FOR LIFE. Something needs to change, and we as a nation have got to stop putting Millionaires and Billionaires in public office.

Tonight I took the first steps in building a new viable Independent Party by purchasing the domain name, and launching a web site, though it is still in its infancy. From an acorn I hope to see a mighty Oak Tree grow, hope to see local grassroots citizens put up candidates for every National Office. If any of this appeals to you, if you are interested in volunteering some of your time and effort to something bigger than yourselves, please drop me an email at .

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