Thursday, October 2, 2008

Does Not Matter Who Won Debate, News Of Day Was/Is McCain Calling It Quits In Michigan

McCain McQuits Michigan
The pundits are going back and forth and not really saying much of anything. In short, the bobble heads matter is, who won the debate is to a great degree academic. In what can only be the stupidest tactical move in Political History, word got out of the McCain Campaign just hours before the debate that he was calling it QUITS IN MICHIGAN!

Hello, that is game, set and match, that trumps anything that could have happened in the debate this evening. Even if McCain and his staff had decided to pull up stakes and surrender Michigan to Obama, why would you, how could you let that news get out just hours before a MAJOR debate, the only debate between to the two Vice Presidential candidates? Perhaps they thought this map shaking and changing news would get swept under the carpet in the excitement of the debate?

McCain camp pulls out of Michigan

By David Jackson, USA TODAY

ST. LOUIS — Republican John McCain's presidential campaign all but conceded vote-rich Michigan to Democrat Barack Obama on Thursday, diverting ad money and candidate trips from a state it once deemed a top target.

Michigan, with 17 electoral votes, is a vital Midwestern battleground that traditionally tests a presidential candidate's ability to draw key blocs such as working-class voters. Obama leads McCain in Michigan polls by an average of 7 percentage points, according to recent polls compiled by

POLITICS BLOG: Latest on McCain's strategy in Mich.

"It's been the worst state of all the states in play," said McCain senior adviser Greg Strimple. "It's an obvious one … to come off the list."

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