Thursday, October 2, 2008

Make Sure You Follow The Fix

Greetings readers...almost down to one hour before show time. I learned about twitters just before last week's debate when I happened upon an article from, "The Fix" in the Washington Post. Do yourselves a favor...if you are not following "The Fix" on twitter, get hooked up now before the debate starts.
Chris Cillizza's Politics Blog -- The Fix's Politics Blog

Twittering the Showdown in St. Louis

Tonight's vice presidential debate between Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and Delaware Sen. Joe Biden is among the most anticipated political events of a campaign that has been chock full of memorable moments.

We'll be twittering the debate starting around 9 p.m. ET so make sure to sign up for The Fix feed. (Don't know what Twitter is? Check out this cool video tutorial that explains it all.)

Help me, help you. See or hear something interesting? Reply to one of my tweets or shoot me an email at chris DOT cillizza AT washingtonpost DOT com and I will do my best to work them into the discussion.

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