Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The VP Debate...It Could GET UGLY

Greetings Readers:

First, for those interested, I'll be LIVE BLOGGING tomorrow nights debate via my twiter which is @beltwayscandal with the results instantly posting here in Washington Scandals, as well as my other blog, Washington Dick Cheese News and Reviews. (Yes, I really have that blog...LOL)

From an intellectual basis, it would be easy to give the victory nod to Joe Biden before he even shows up, but lets not be too hasty. I like Joe Biden, and his life story is an intriguing one...problem is, he does have a bad habit of talking to long, which usually ends with him eating toe jam. The right question, and if Joe is on top of his game, it is going to be a VERY LONG NIGHT for Sarah Palin and the Republicans.

Biggest advantages for Sarah Palin are two. First, her press interviews have been so pathetic that the expectations for her are almost nonexistent. Seriously, the woman could not name ONE MAGAZINE or NEWSPAPER SHE READS! "I read all of them!" Sorry Sarah, but this dumb old country boy living in the big city could easily tick off 20 or 20 newspapers and magazines I get World News from, that I read to help formulate my opinions and political views. I am not a major, will never be a Governor, and don't even think about being a Vice Presidential candidate, but I can answer that question. We've had eight years of a man that admits he does not read much, and we all know how that turned out.

The second, and perhaps biggest advantage Sarah has...she's female, and the rabid right wing of the Republican Party is laying in wait, hoping against hope to tag Joe Biden and the Democratic ticket as SEXIST, CONDESCENDING.

The night is going to turn on the questions, and how Joe Biden handles himself.

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