Thursday, October 2, 2008

My After Debate Thoughts

Other than some TECHNICAL glitches with my internet connections, I had an enjoyable time twittering and blogging this debate. I disagree with the initial opinions of the pundits following the debate, but then that is not surprising.

Perhaps the greatest moment of this and any debate ever was when Joe Biden started talking about being a single father and had to stop to hold back a tear! Joe Biden the man, the father and the widower on display for every one in the world to see, and it was one of the most touching public examples of personal emotion and heart I have ever witnessed! I would have thought that would have been the first thing that the pundits talked about, but it got not a mention.

Sarah Palin for my money did not answer ONE QUESTION that was put to her. Further, she made several blunders...wrong name for a general, and Joe Biden was smart enough not to correct her on that blunder. In the first half of the debate, she twisted things around, and said a Toxic Main Street was ruining Wall Street.

However, what really bothered me, was when she said Iran should not be allowed to have either a nuclear bomb, or nuclear energy. First, denying Iran nuclear energy goes against the basic charter of the International Atomic Energy Agency which gives all nations the RIGHT to use the so called Friendly Atom, to develop NUCLEAR ENERGY. Secondly, her tone and demeanor made it clear that is she were president, she would take MILITARY ACTION against Iran to stop either of these actions from happening.

The night from my perspective was Joe Biden's. He showed a grasp of the facts, a deep knowledge of International Affairs, answered every question put to him, and was far more diplomatic towards Palin that I would have been.

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