Friday, October 3, 2008

Live In Tampa Florida? Go Protest At The Staged Sarah Palin Event!

Living in New York, we GET NO ATTENTION from the candidates, have little opportunity to express our views, or our frustrations. In fact, most of the phone parties around here have us calling into other states. You folks in Florida on the other hand are getting a LOT of attention from the candidates being a swing state...problem is, the McCain campaign likes to stage its events, keep dissenting voices as far from the event as possible. Well, if you want to grab your protest signs, and anti-Sarah THE MOOSE KILLER Palin gear, Sarah Palin is going to appear in Clearwater this upcoming Monday! The event is scheduled to take place in Coachman Park, and I would encourage you to be there...Maybe you can get Sarah Palin to answer questions, rather than dance around them. Besides, you know the news cameras are going to be there, and looking for something to cover since Sarah will not talk to them either.

Going to Palin rally Monday? Event details here

Sarah Palin will hold a rally in Clearwater on Monday.

PINELLAS COUNTY (Bay News 9) -- Tickets to a Sarah Palin rally in Clearwater Monday were released Thursday afternoon.

Debra Buschman got six tickets for her family.

"Because it's a first I guess, having a VP who might be a woman and I have three girls I thought they might enjoy her speak," she said.

Preparations are already underway at Coachman Park in Clearwater where Palin will have a rally on Monday. Twenty thousand tickets were printed.

Scott Johnson showed up to get one.

"I'm excited about the excitement Sarah Palin brings to the race," he said. "It was pretty boring before that."

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