Thursday, October 2, 2008

Illegal Aliens, Remittances and The VP Debate

We all have our HOT BUTTON issues, and one of my own is the subject of Illegal Aliens. Though I consider myself very liberal on most issues, I have ZERO toleration for those here in America illegally, and a great deal of ANGER towards those who aid, abet and hire them (think National Chamber of Commerce and the Catholic Church). So imagine the disgust I felt this morning when CNN had a news report on the downward spiral of remittances going to Mexico! Hello, who cares?

The slant on the story was immigrants having harder time sending money home. First, illegal aliens working in our country are not IMMIGRANTS, but criminals. Secondly, illegal aliens have depressed the lower and middle class wages of hard working Americans by over $230 Billion dollars on a yearly basis. Lastly, there are an estimated 12 million illegal aliens in jobs that rightfully belong the the American work force...over 700,000 Americans have lost their jobs this year alone, yet NOTHING of substance has been done to address the issue of sending back to their home countries some 25 million illegal aliens.

I bring this up, as I would like to see as a part of the foreign policy debate tonight some serious time and questions dedicated over to this issue...IE, how can you justify granting Amnesty to 25 million criminal illegal aliens, and seek a liberal guest worker program to bring in even more low skill workers when so many Americans are out of work and struggling.

Sadly, I'll bet the farm that we hear little if anything on this subject.

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