Thursday, October 2, 2008

Foreign Policy...Iraq War

Maybe now we will see some blood....

Sarah Palin is now out of her leaque, and does not have answers.

She just STUTTERED...White Flag of surrender! WHAT A PLATITUDE! She has NOT GIVEN A EXIT STRATEGY, but instead says Iraq will tell us when the time to leave is. Is she saying that our troops are under the control of Iraq's government?

Sarah may be crumbling! She is getting a scowl on her face, and showing some ANGER.

Now on to Iraq! Which is more dangerous, Afghanistan or a nuclear Iraq. Biden points out that Pakistan is already a nuclear power. States both situations could be game changers.

Shaking HEAD...Sarah Palin just blew right by the question asked. She is throwing down the gaunlet of CHALLENGE to Iran...the woman is DANGEROUS, seems to lack any ability towards diplomacy. Further...rewind the tape...she just said Iran could not be allowed to have Nuclear Bombs OR NUCLEAR ENERGY...that last statement goes against the entire GNEP policy!

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