Friday, October 3, 2008

We Should NOT Lend California $7 Billion Dollars

With the ink not even dry on the Wall Street Bailout Pork Barrel Christmas Tree bill, the Governor of California was on the phone to the treasury saying, "Hey guys, I need a $7-10 Billion dollar bailout, a LOAN to get me through. Sorry Arnold, but you and the state of California are not deserving of a Federal Tax Payer loan or bailout, and it has nothing to do with your state's credit rating.

Fact, California is home to the two biggest SANTUARY CITIES in America. Your state, San Francisco and Los Angeles thumb your collective noses at Washington, DC our constitution and the the citizens of the United States who are the ultimate holders of our nations purse strings.

Your state, your two largest cities, your businesses have willfully ignored the law, allowed MILLIONS of Illegal Aliens to take up residence in your state. You allow your companies and agricultural businesses to hire illegal aliens, rather than pay LAWFUL CITIZENS A LIVING WAGE. You use our taxes to provide these illegal aliens with foodstamps, health care, access to education, and other social services. Well, here is REALITY...if your state did not have these Santuary Cities, if you cracked down on ILLEGAL ALIENS, your state would be running a surplus (illegal aliens cost California $10.5 Billion a year), you want money, OBEY OUR LAWS, get rid of the illegal aliens, and tell San Francisco and Los Angeles to get their shit together, and start ENFORCING LAWS and cooperating with Federal Law Enforcement agencies. When you get around to actually addressing these issues, come back to the treasury and we'll take another look at your request.

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