Monday, September 29, 2008

Bush Lied About WMD, Why Not Lie To Get Bailout Of His CROONIES?

Right now, the world, and specifically Wall Street are sitting on pins and needles waiting for the House Vote on the $770 Billion Dollar Bailout of the Financial Industry. All the pundits have done their jobs, using fear to convince us, the Middle Class that this is a BITTER PILL we have to swallow. Sitting here myself waiting on the vote, hoping our elected officials do the right thing and JUST SAY NO, I had a thought....what if this is just another George W. Bush/Dick Cheney fast one, Weapons of Mass Destruction all over again as he throws his buddies on Wall Street one last party at our expense before leaving office. Can't you see his little SNEAR right now, hear his snickering laugh as he says, "Trust Me".

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