Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sarah Palin Steps In Shit Before Debate...Meets With British Ambassador Before She Doesn't Meet With Ambassador

Sarah Palin has been caught in a lie, forced to issue a public apology, and just before her big DEBATE DEBUT...God, you cannot make this stuff up. Seems she was claiming to have met with Sir Nigel Sheinwald. She was MAKING THIS CLAIM because his name was on the guest list for a US Governor's meeting that she was speaking at. Turns out he CANCELLED, but his name was left on the guest list. Honest mistake? NOT...she would have known if she had actually had a MEETING WITH HIM, which is what she was claiming in a FALSE ATTEMPT at padding her resume before tonight's debate. Now on top of everything else she is a LYING BITCH!

Meanwhile, David Axelrod was just interviewed on the CSPAN cam. Additionally, seems that the VIP types, and perhaps the press ARE EATING GOOD.

Sarah Palin has committed yet another political blunder after claiming she had held talks with a British ambassador - talks that never actually took place.

In an answer to questions about her foreign policy experience ahead of tonight's make-or-break vice presidential TV debate, her aides listed numerous contacts with foreign officials - including Britain's ambassador to Washington, Sir Nigel Sheinwald.

However the meeting never occurred. Officials at the embassy swiftly contacted the McCain-Palin campaign to inform them of the discrepancy.

A British Embassy spokesman said the error arose after Sir Nigel's name was listed among those who had attended a US Governor's meeting in July.


Blunder: Sarah Palin has been forced to apologise after she mistakenly claimed she had met with British ambassador Nigel Sheinwald at an event which he did not actually attend

Mrs Palin was at the meeting in her role as Governor of Alaska. However Sir Nigel pulled out at the last minute, leaving his name on the guest list.

The embarrassing mishap comes as Mrs Palin faces the biggest challenge of her political life tonight in a head-to-head vice-presidential debate with Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

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