Thursday, October 2, 2008

Tonight's Debate, The Bailout and Other Political News

Don't Count on It McCain...The White House is Slipping From Your Grasp With Each Passing Day.
For those tracking the Bailout Bill(s), I recommend this site to stay informed. I'll put the link for Open Congress in my sidebar for easy access. Personally, I don't support the bailout, and hope Congress says no a second, and final time. Maybe it is time for America to swallow the BITTER PILL needed to start healing. Our debt is out of control, and unless we real that in, this situation is going to get worse. My own advice to the nation, and our government. DECLARE BANKRUPCY, and immediately stop making payments on our debt to China. My advice to Americans...if it is NOT MADE IN AMERICA, do you REALLY NEED IT? In short, JUST SAY NO. To illegal aliens...pack your bags and head back home as the situation here in America is about to get really UGLY FOR YOU as America's lower and middle class lash out at those who have been depressing our wages, and stealing our jobs.

Everyone is getting ready for tonights debate, and the big issue in the news is the matter of sex, male verse female. My advice to Palin and every other woman...if you want to break through the glass ceiling, don't claim sexism at every turn in the road. Stop acting like you are fragile, or using that as an excuse/tool to keep men from going after you in the same fashion we would go after a man. Joe Biden should not have to hold his punches because he is debating a woman, regardless of her last name, be it Clinton or Palin.

That said, I'd advise Joe Biden not to use terms like little darling, darly, listen missy, or god forbide, "LOOK LITTLE GIRL". My advice to her...refer to her in a gender nuetral fashion by always referring to her as Governor Palin, and then SMASH HER IN THE MOUTH, EXPOSE HER STUPIDITY.

From a friend of mine in Pennsylvania...don't be surprised to see McCain pull his forces within the week. Word is, that if Palen losses badly tonight, Pennsylvania is ALL OVER FOR McCain.

By the way, I'll be LIVE BLOGGING THE DEBATE on my twitter at BeltwayScandal this evening.

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