Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Palin a Middle Class House Wife Just Getting BY....PLEASE!

See article below from Huffington Post. Sarah Palin as an average American just GETTING BY! Does she think we do not fact check, is she even aware of her and her families own words in various limited public interviews? Remember her husband Todd's interview in front of the QUITE LAVISH family home? Earning over $250,000 a year makes her and her family AVERAGE MIDDLE CLASS AMERICANS? When was the last time the average American on Main Street earned a quarter of a million dollars in ONE YEAR? Her Dad owns a hardware store, her sister owns a gas station, her husband owns a fishing business, and thus presumably a VERY LARGE AND EXPENSIVE FISHING BOAT. Her words do NOT MATCH REALITY. Last but not least, she wants drilling on the North Slope...any one bother to check what interests the Palin family holds on the North Slope in light of the fact that her HUSBAND works for BP?

This defines being out of touch. On Hugh Hewitt's radio show, Sarah Palin calls herself "an everyday working class American" -- but the truth is that her family income is $250K and she owns five properties, two watercraft, and an airplane.

Here she was on Hewitt's show:

Todd and I, heck, we’re going through that right now even as we speak, which may put me again kind of on the outs of those Washington elite who don’t like the idea of just an everyday working class American running for such an office.

The Washington Times (who'd have thunk it?) puts the lie to her claim:

Their combined income of nearly a quarter-million dollars last year was five times the median household income for Wasilla's 7,000 residents. They own a single-engine plane, two boats, two personal watercraft and a half-million-dollar, custom-built home on a lake that is worth three times the average of other homes in town. For the future, they also have a 401(k) retirement account compliments of Todd Palin's years as an engineer with oil giant BP.

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