Friday, October 3, 2008

Americans...Take Back The Media, Stop The Propaganda

Today is a sad day in American history, and there is plenty of blame to go around. That being said, a BIG PART of the blame needs to be firmly placed on the National Media who acts like the mouth piece fo Washington DC, and Corporate America. I would encourage ALL OF YOU to write your news media, tell them that you are tired of them reporting the news that Washington DC and Corporate America want us to here. Tell them to stop bringing on pundits who try to tell us WHAT WE SHOULD THINK. Demand that our National Media gets back to reporting the news devoid of spin, devoid of bigger agendas. We want the straight talk, regardless of who might or might not take out ad space depending on what you say, or do not say. Below is an extensive list of PRESS CONTACTS...I encourage EVERY AMERICAN to use them. The time has come for Main Street to speak out.
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Anonymous said...

I think it is tragic the way the media has favored one candidate over the other. In all thier interviews they would let thier personal favorite go on and on when ask a question and when thier less favorite not even finish answering a question,before they started badgering him. They no longer report the news they make it what they want it. When it comes to a point in life that the news media tries to brain wash the american people into voting for who they want,it is deffinately time to change the channel or simply turn them off. While I agree not all of the media reporters are guilty og this I haven't seen many who aren't. I wish them the american people like a socialist society.

Anonymous said...

cbs news should not be aloud to try to to make one candidate look bad and fall at the other ones feet. I have always been told be careful of people who fall at your feet,because they might be reaching for the corner of the rug. The only problem with this is that he will be pulling the rug out from under all of our feet. Good luck Harry.

Anonymous said...

Terrible one sided media coverage. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. I hope you haven't succeeded in ending our freedom for all of us who have fought so hard to protect it.