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Saving the Surge To Save McCain Presidential Hopes...Foundation for Defense of Democracies

Date Line 2007…Prospects for Republicans are slim, and the only real chance of putting a president in the White House (McCain) is to change the average Americans view of the war, convince them that we are winning, that the SURGE is working, even if it is not. winning the airwaves with their truthful, but hurtful General Betrayus campaign has the Republicans seething mad, and desperate to flip public perceptions needs a major Propaganda Campaign, its goals simple, but perhaps impossible to attain:

• call attention to the surge’s remarkable progress; even if it was not true.

• underscore the necessity of giving our forces the support, resources, and independence to achieve their mission; even though said mission wasn’t and still is not clear.

• remind Congress and the American public of the dire consequences a hasty retreat from Iraq would mean to national security and world peace. In other words, scare the hell out of them, use fear as a way to control and manipulate public perceptions and sentiments towards a wrong sighted war.

Basically, to have any chance of keeping the White House meant changing the publics perceptions about the war in Irag, what was needed was a Propaganda Campaign to make the war popular again. Enter the Foundation for Defense of Democracies and their General Betrayus Mission project, specifically designed to thwart MoveOn.ORG, designed to fool the public, congress, with the hopes of returning John McCain to the White House.

The Foundation for Defense of Democracies leapt into action on July 9th of 2007, launching the Iraq Project coalition in partnership with a carefully chosen partnership of veterans organizations, families that had lost loved ones but were supportive of the war effort, pro-mission organizations, and their own formidable line up of propagandist (presented on various news networks as noted military and foreign policy scholars) who are all conveniently in house members of “The Foundation for Defense of Democracies”.

Sure many of my readers think I am a bit OFF BASED here, or have perhaps drank too many glasses of Merlot this evening, but tell me how many members of the cast of characters you recognize from VARIOUS American News channels on various channels:

Link above is Betrayus Propaganda Program.

Leadership Council

Steve Forbes
Board Member
CEO Forbes Magazine

Judge Louis J. Freeh
Fmr. Director of the FBI

Newt Gingrich
Fmr. Speaker of the House

Max M. Kampelman
Fmr. Ambassador

Bill Kristol
Weekly Standard

Sen. Joseph Lieberman
U.S. Senate

Robert "Bud" McFarlane
Fmr. National Security Advisor

R. James Woolsey
Fmr. Director of the CIA


Gary Bauer
American Values

Rep. Eric Cantor
Chairman (R-VA)
Task Force on Terrorism

Frank Gaffney
Center for Security Policy

Gene Gately
Former Intelligence and Defense Official

Charles Jacobs
American Anti-Slavery Group

General P.X. Kelley

Charles Krauthammer
Syndicated Columnist

Hon. Richard D. Lamm
Fmr. Governor

Kathleen Troia "KT" McFarland
Former Defense Department Official

Sen. Zell Miller
Former U.S. Senator

Richard Perle
Former Chair of the Defense Policy Board and FDD Advisor

Steven Pomerantz
Former Assistant Director

Oliver "Buck" Revell
Former Associate Deputy Director

Chairman Emeritus

Jack Kemp
Chairman Emeritus
Fmr. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

In Memoriam

Dr. Jeane J. Kirkpatrick
Founding Member, 2001-2006
Fmr. Ambassador to the UN

Staff and Senior Fellows

Khairi Abaza
Senior Fellow

Bob Arotsky
Chief Financial Officer

Tony Badran
Research Fellow, Levant

Amb. Richard Carlson
Vice Chairman

Mark Dubowitz
Executive Director

Sasha Eckstein
Special Assistant

Patricia Fancher
Development Associate

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross
Vice President of Research

Joshua Goodman
Director, Research

Laura Grossman
Research Analyst

Avi Jorisch
Terrorism Expert

Orde Kittrie
Senior Fellow

Burak Kuntay
Visiting Fellow

Dr. Michael Ledeen
Freedom Scholar

Clifford D. May

Andrew C. McCarthy
Chair, FDD's Center for Law and Counterterrorism

Bill McCarthy
Senior Vice-President of Communications and Operations

Megan Ortagus
Director of Policy Coalitions

Dr. J. Peter Pham
Senior Fellow: Africa

Dr. Walid Phares
Director, FDD's Future of Terrorism Project

Cara Rosenthal
Senior Manager, Development

Claudia Rosett
Director, FDD's Investigative Reporting Project

Cindy D. Tan
Research Analyst

Jean Thurman

Victoria Toensing
Fmr. Chief Counsel to Sen. Intelligence Committee

Shlok Vaidya
Energy Security Research Analyst

Dr. Robert Zubrin
Senior Fellow
FDD's Energy and Security Project

Adjunct Fellows

Dr. Jonathan Adelman
University of Denver

Bill Ardolino
Military Analyst

Richard Z. Chesnoff

Paul Crespo
Former Marine Corps Officer and Military Attache

Tanya Gilly
Member of the Iraqi National Assembly

Olivier Guitta
Counterterrorism and Foreign Affairs consultant

Ethan Gutmann
Adjunct Fellow
The Foundation for Defense of Democracies

Michael I. Krauss
Professor of Law
George Mason University School of Law

Agota Kuperman
U.S. Foreign Service (ret.)

Joel Mowbray

Bill Roggio
Editor, The Long War Journal

Dr. Frederic Smoler
Sarah Lawrence College

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Beth Malek said...

I went to FDD web site. They have an excellent array of resources in terms of informaiton about the Middle East and Democracy, Terrorism research center and Future of Terrorism Project. They are in the media often. They deal with issues way above and beyond the current Presidential election. I don't understand the article that mentions FDD. I understand what FDD's message is..much wider then the very narrow analysis of this article.