Monday, September 29, 2008

Normal House Whipping System Broken, Mistress Pelosi Brings In Dominatrix To Pass Bailout Bill

According to, "The Hill", the normal WHIPPING system has broken down, and Nancy Pelosi is bringing out all the stops to get the votes needed to pass the Wall Street Bailout...curious here, if we are supposed to have and open debate about this legislation, how come each member was limited TO JUST ONE MINUTE of time to speak for or against the bailout? Unrelated Jackie Kucinich related to Kucinich the Presidential Candidate, and if so, what strings were pulled to get her the job with "The Hill"?

Arm-twisting on bailout bill begins

Posted: 09/29/08 10:44 AM [ET]

Democratic and Republican leaders are furiously whipping their members to win passage of a massive Wall Street bailout bill that faces an uncertain future hours before a vote.

Fractures appearing along non-traditional lines in both parties are forcing leaders to scramble in patching together an ad hoc arm-twisting strategy.

“The normal whip operating has completely broken down,” said one Democratic member. “It’s tribal in there.”

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