Friday, October 3, 2008

One Vote For One Pork Barrel Project, House Members Are Converted, Ready To Vote For Bailout

In what can only be described as an orgy of ass sucking, brown nosing, self serving Pork Barrel for Votes debachery, many members of the House are now scurrying onto the Bailout Wall Street bill to be voted on later today.
Oct 2, 11:41 PM EDT

Wave of House converts jump aboard bailout bill

WASHINGTON (AP) -- A wave of House converts jumped aboard the $700 billion financial industry bailout Thursday on the eve of a make-or-break second vote, as lawmakers responded to an awakening among voters to the pain ahead of them if stability isn't restored to the tottering economy.

Black lawmakers said personal calls from Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama helped switch them from "no" to "yes." Republicans and Democrats alike said appeals from credit-starved small businessmen and the Senate's addition of $110 billion in tax breaks had persuaded them to drop their opposition.

"I hate it," but "inaction to me is a greater danger to our country than this bill," said GOP Rep. Zach Wamp of Tennessee, one of the 133 House Republicans who joined 95 Democrats in rejecting the measure Monday, sending the stock market plummeting.

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