Monday, September 29, 2008

McCain Needs A Clue, Palin Needs A Vacation

Shaking least Obama came before the cameras and encouraged BOTH SIDES OF THE AISLE to do whatever it takes to GET THE JOB DONE. Not McCain...he went before the cameras and BLAMED OBAMA even though it was his Republican Party that failed to deliver the votes to pass the Bailout Bill.

My suggestion...TRASH the Wall Street Bailout Bill, and write a bill that takes care of Main Street America, a bill that deals aggressively with Illegal Aliens who have stolen our jobs and are depressing our Middle Class wages by over $230 Billion dollars a year. Pass a bill that STOPS REMITTANCES to foreign countries, as that is money being taken out of our economy. Pass a bill that lets every American get a FAIR INTEREST home loan, instead of being forced to borrow money from COMMERCIAL BANKS at unfair rates. Pass a bill that imprisons managers and corporate executives who hire Illegal Aliens. Pass a bill that takes funding away from Safe Harbor Communities, and eliminates the tax free status of ANY CHURCH that is helping illegals to stay in this country...Think the Catholic Church.

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