Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Al Austin of he a BIGOT? a Racist? a LIAR?

Hey Al Austin, got some questions for you.

You were the Tampa-St. Petersburg’s 2008 GOP National Convention Host Committee CHAIRMAN, and you are the CEO of Austin Companies. Do you really expect us as Americans to believe you did not READ a racist bigoted joke before you sent it out to your TOP SECRET inner circle GOP email list? You sir are a FUCKING LIAR.

Further, you sent out a joke that has both Michele and Barack Obama being assassinated! Do you find that FUNNY you sick twisted FUCK?

Tell me Mr. Pillar of the GOP, Mr. Super Republican FUND RAISER and supposedly well respected Tampa Businessman, do you hate BLACK PEOPLE?

YOU NEED TO OWN YOUR SHIT! Stop trying to act like your forwarding of that racist joke was simply a ill fated mistake on your part. Further, what kind of racist sheet wearing friends to you spend time with to have even RECIEVED THAT RACIST JOKE?
Yes, I am PISSED, and find your actions VILE AND DISGUSTING. It is my sincere hope that Tampa and the Business world sees you for what you truly are, holds you accountable for sending such a repugnant racist joke out to your friends in the Republican Party. If the reporter had ANY BALLS, he'd release the names on your inner cirlce email tree, would tell us as a nation who the other two culprits are that also were mailing this joke around in the Grand Old Republican Party. You SIR disgust me!
Al Austin

Tampa, 75, CEO, Austin Cos.

A pioneer developer of the
Westshore business district in Tampa, Austin is the finance chairman for the Republican Party of Florida. He's had a leadership role in every Republican presidential campaign in Florida since 1972. A member of the Florida Electoral College in the 2000 election, Austin has achieved "super ranger" status this election cycle, collecting at least $300,000 for the Republican National Committee and another $200,000 for the Bush-Cheney campaign, according to Public Citizen. Austin serves as chairman of the Hillsborough County Aviation Authority and is on the board advising Jeb Bush or military base realignments and closures.


greyseal said...

Unfortunately, Tampa is crawling with racist a-holes like this guy, and usually they are the movers and shakers of business around here.

My embarassment is complete.

Anonymous said...

I am ashamed that Ilive in a world with people like this