Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Not A Big Fan of Ellen, But Big Supporter Of Her Right to Get Married

I'm not a big fan of Ellen's...her morning talk show is just not my cup of tea. That being said, I am a big supporter of her right to get/be married, support EQUAL RIGHTS for all citizens of the world. It is simple...a Marriage License is issued by our government, the church HAS NOTHING to do with it. They (the church) bless a marriage in a formal church ceremony, nothing more and nothing less. It is time we stopped arguing over semantics and give all people the right to marry the partner of their own choice, even if that choice is a member of the same sex. If you are a California voter I beg you to do the right thing and VOTE NO on Prop 8 which would deny gay citizens of California their Equal Rights if passed into law.

The Religious Right is spending tens of millions dollars on Proposition 8. Please help stop their Propaganda War by reposting this on your blog, or putting a link to it out to your friends via Twitter.

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