Sunday, October 12, 2008

Waving At Team CYMRU...The Internet THOUGHT POLICE

I always enjoy seeing who it is that is following me online...apparently, the World Bank and their THUGS were not overly happy at my story telling the world their ENTIRE computer system has BEEN HACKED! Especially not when I broke the story right when they were hoping to take over ALL WORLD BANKING, including here in the United States of America. Seems they have decided to have their dogs (Team CYMRU visit my little blog here on the Internet). I even made their NEWS PAGE...I am so proud! Waving...hi guys! If any of you happen to see link in your tracking software, now you'll know who these folks are. They do have a cool race car.
Team Cymru Dragon LogoTeam Cymru is a specialized Internet security research firm dedicated to making the Internet more secure. By researching the 'who' and 'why' of malicious Internet activity worldwide...

Team Cymru, Inc is a group of technologists interested in making the Internet more secure. We are a group of geeks who are passionate about network security and helping the community identify and eradicate problems within their networks. We work closely with and within Internet security communities, as well as with all manner of other organizations (Like the World Bank?) - after all, almost every organization in the modern world is connected to the Internet in some way or another, and they all need help to ensure that their parts of the network remain safe and secure.

Team Cymru is a geographically-dispersed group of security professionals (Kind of like the CIA or NSA?) who are able to collaborate due to the benefits of the Internet. Our main office is in the Chicago, IL, US area. Our researchers have presences in the UK, Poland, Washington, US, Arizona, US, Washington D.C., US, New York, US, and California, US. We have pods of gear all over the globe. (Kind of like the GEEK SQUAD, but with brief cases instead of VW Bugs?)We find that our geographic dispersion provides nearly 24/7 coverage and leads to an increased quality of life for our employees.

We endeavor to make the entire Internet more secure, more aware, and more reliable. We provide templates, sundry route-servers, and other projects in an effort to make you (yes, YOU!) safer while online. All of these are designed to support our shared mission to make the Internet - and the good folk who use it - more secure. (Good Folk? sounds so wholesome, kind of like Sarah her, do you BITE?)

Community involvement and support is an important mission for Team Cymru. We are a full FIRST member and a member of OARC. We are a supporting member of MAAWG. Members of Team Cymru serve on the technical advisory board of UltraDNS, serve as Internet Systems Consortium Fellows, serve as members of the REN-ISAC TAG, and serve on the Technical Advisory Board of the Collaborative Center for Internet Epidemiology and Defenses. In the past we have been part of the NANOG Program Committee and officers of FIRST.

We work closely with other altruistic organizations such as the Anti-Phishing Working Group, the CastleCops Phishing Incident Reporting & Termination project, myNetWatchman, the NCFTA, the nsp-security family of lists, and Spamhaus.

The members of Team Cymru have collaborated with many organizations and in many forums, such as co-authoring papers on the nature and handling of DDoS with the CERT/CC. Example papers are Managing the Threat of Denial-of-Service Attacks and Trends in Denial of Service Attack Technlogy. We have authored articles such as "Cybercrime - An Epidemic" in the November 2006 issue of Queue Magazine and "the underground economy - priceless" in the December 2006 issue of ;login: Magazine.

We have contributed to several books, such as Designing Network Security by Merike Kaeo, Practical BGP by Russ White, Danny McPherson, and Srihari Sangli, Extreme Exploits by Victor Oppleman, Oliver Friedrichs, and Brett Watson, the DNS & BIND Cookbook by Cricket Liu, Hacking Exposed by Stuart McClure, Joel Scambray, and George Kurtz, and several others.

The members of Team Cymru have presented at a wide variety of gatherings, such as APNIC, ARIN, Equinix Gigabit Peering Forum, FIRST, GOVCERT.NL, IAB, IC Cyber 2006, MERIT, NANOG, SECURE at NASK, SURFnet CERT, SRUTI, CEAS, and many others.

We're world travelers, having presented in Argentina, Australia, Brasil, Canada, China, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland, Taiwan, South Korea, the UK, and the US in 2006 alone. We are involved in the community we endeavor to protect because we believe outreach and personal networking are the keys to our shared success.

We have provided grants to a small number of nascent anti-malware projects, secured funding for a few worthy operational projects (sounds so CLOAK and DAGGER!..boys and their toys.), and donated gear to a network forensics research team. We continue to provide hosting and services for numerous projects and teams as well.

A: The primary industries we serve are CERTs/CSIRTs, ISP's, content providers, security ISVs and financial institutions.

For example, large financial institutions suffer most from online crime, and we good folk all suffer when our financial accounts are compromised. We provide support to the financial industry's efforts to reduce the incidence of online crime and make online crime less profitable for the miscreants.

OH GEE, maybe my article about the World Bank's HACKED COMPUTERS caught their ATTENTION!

World Bank Under Cyber Siege in Unprecedented Attack (from nationalterroralert at Mon Oct 13 03:14:00 2008 UTC)

"It is still not known how much information was stolen. But sources inside the bank confirm that servers in the institution s highly-restricted treasury unit were deeply penetrated with spy software last April. Invaders also had full access to the rest of the bank s network for nearly a month in June and July...." (Read more)

World Bank Computers Are Being HACKED! (from washington scandal at Sun Oct 12 16:04:00 2008 UTC)

"The World Bank wants to SEIZE CONTROL of the entire world's banking system, put everyone including the USA under their rules and controls. Well, before we go throw our sovereignty, give up the freedom of self rule that is America, we need to realize that the World Bank's security IS SO BAD that hackers have successfully stolen more private data from them than from any other agency in the world. That's right, their data systems are under seige by hackers!..." (Read more) OH WOW, my little BLOG made their web site! Shucky DARN! SHAZAM even!


Anonymous said...

What exactly did Team Cymru do to incur your wrath? The only thing you mention in your post is that they visited your blog. I visit your blog too and I hope that doesn't piss you off.

Royce Penstinger said...

Security oriented web sites usually visit your site because someone asked them to have a look at you...I just like them to know that I am looking at them.

Anonymous said...

Hehe... I work for a security organization, and yes I was asked to visit this site. Not from the management, but from a colleague who told me he had found another of those funny conspiracy sites (you know, everyone passes around links to the fun stuff they find on the net).

The blog post are hilarious when you know Team Cymru and how they work. Oh, and yes they all wear black suits and if you look closely you'll notice a slight bump under the left side of their jackets. And don't forget that they have a special sniper unit used to take out those trying to DDoS services on the net... *laughs*

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