Saturday, October 18, 2008

John McCain's Shell Game on Oil...Canada Oil Good, Arab Oil Bad!

Good Oil? Bad Oil? It is amazing what you learn when you stumble upon alternative sources of news, such as LinkTV. Back in 2006 when John McCain was making noises about running for the presidency I did some searching into his financial statements. It appeared to my untrained eye that he deliberately GREEN WASHED his stock portfolio by DUMPING a lot of investments in oil companies. The big oil supporter was going GREEN for political expedience, and I was not buying. Now, it seems that John McCain is playing a shell game with American voters when it comes to ending our dependence on Foreign Oil. Let's be specific...John McCain does not want us to end our dependence on OIL, does not care about our environment or Global Warming. Instead, he merely wants us to change the wholesaler we get our oil from. Instead of our oil coming from Arab States, we would get it from Canada!

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